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SuperSMITH™ Weibull & Visual

Training Manual


SuperSMITH Weibull (SSW) and SuperSMITH Visual (SSV) are two excellent software tools for making reliability data “speak”.  This page describes the training manual used for a 1.5-day, basic, training course in how to use the software to solve problems using software written by Fulton Findings to solve reliability problems. 


This training manual is more elementary and uses different examples than listed in the PlayTIME with SuperSMITH computer tutorial as they are intended to show the complete set of features for SSW and SSV.  PlayTIME with SuperSMITH is used by Dr. Abernethy and Wes Fulton in the Weibull Analysis Workshops.


The training manual used for the SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual Hands-on Training Program shows details you need to know for reducing the time to become proficient in the use of software.


You can download a short PDF file from the training manual to see details for version 5.0AX and beyond (if you need a short training manual for versions before 5.0AX, click here).  This short PDF file will also assist you in learning how to use SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual software.

Prices for the training manual are posted on the Internet.  Send your Email inquires to Paul Barringer  or by telephone at 1-281-852-6810.

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Last revised 6/10/2009