SuperSMITH Visual
For Crow-AMSAA Reliability Growth Plots
And Scientific Plotting Software

SuperSMITH® software has a new look in versions 5.0AZ and higher. Fulton Findings LLC, the maker of the world’s first widely used Weibull Engineering software, has moved ahead with a more tightly integrated user interface for SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual. The new icon layout shown below consolidates common functionality with unique tools for variability modeling, trend analysis, and forecasting. The familiar data grid (data input and data edit) and results box (plots and reports) remain virtually unchanged. Changes involve integration of the larger-sized icons with associated drop-down menus in a simplified pattern. All previous functionality is retained with new functionality added in specialized areas such as Abernethy Risk, Accelerated Testing, Barringer Process Reliability, and Monte Carlo Simulation.

SuperSMITH Visual (SSV) is a Windows based scientific plotting software which acts as a plotting engine for other Fulton Findings software and is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. SuperSMITH Visual assists in analyzing data used for making reliability improvements including reliability growth plots known as:
            Duane plots,
            Duane-AMSAA plots,
            Crow-AMSAA plots, 
            Crow/AMSAA plots,
            C-A plots, and
            C/A plots. 
For revision details, click here.

SuperSMITH Visual operates in a Windows 95,Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 thru 10 (32 bit and 64 bit) operating environment.  SuperSMITH software will not run on Windows RT version, nor will it run on Windows 8 phones because they have different chip and instruction codes. 

SuperSMITH Weibull also runs on Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets, Toshiba Encore table, and many also run on Hewlett Packard’s Stream 7.

Price list for the software also provide for volume discounts.  Upgrade installation hints are available.

View the software revision list below.

Three software training aids are available:

1.     PlayTIME is the home study tutorial used for Weibull Analysis training classes by Dr. Abernethy and Wes Fulton.  It is terse but covers most software functions.

2.     The SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual Training Manual is used for the 1.5 day SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual hands-on training sessions.  It contains many more detailed explanations along with questions/answers with many hints of how to do the analysis.

3.     You can download a short PDF file that shows excerpts from pre-version 5.0AX of the software Training Manual.  A similar short PDF file for 5.0AX and beyond will assist with getting started with use of the software and how you interpret a Crow-AMSAA plot using SuperSMITH Visual.

SuperSMITH Visual also makes Crow/AMSAA (formerly called Duane/AMSAA) reliability growth curves and with one click of an icon transforms the cumulative failure data into cumulative MTBF with your choice of simple regression, MLE, or MLE-modified as described by IEC 61164.

You can download no-cost demonstration software for evaluation and teaching.  Universities can use the demonstration software to analyze datasets saved from authentic SuperSMITH Visual software as the demo version will handle the authentic file and NOT randomize the data as occurs when you type data into the demonstration software.

For details about each WSV revisions, see the bottom of this page when considering upgrades.

Note: All Fulton Findings software is "stand alone" and provides internal plotting capability as appropriate. SuperSMITH Weibull generate CDF plots but rely on Su

perSMITH Visual for special purpose plots.   An example of a Crow/AMSAA or Duane/AMSAA plot is shown below.

SuperSMITH Visual will import SuperSMITH Weibull files and plot probability density functions (often a humped-back curve) or the cumulative distribution function (often an S-shaped curve) using conventional scaling systems for the vertical axis and the horizontal axis. The program also generates reliability growth curves using the Duane-AMSAA method and calculates the indices for demonstrating improvements in mean time to failure and other key reliability indicators. Pie charts and bar graph formats are available. The software will plot functions, fit curves, perform transforms on the data, and display the results in graphical format. User manual information is available on-line by <F1> key stroke.

Specific features of the SuperSMITH Visual program are:

      General and advanced scientific plotting
      Curve fitting (new data set added with 101 points)
      Crow/AMSAA reliability growth made easy
      Functions—data independent
      Transforms-global edit of data based upon functions
      Display alternatives-XY plot (linear/log), bar 7chart, pie graph
      Calculator functions for probability-binomial, chi-squared, gamma, Poisson
      Cumulative Distribution (CDF), Hazard (HDF), Probability Density (PDF) and Reliability (RDF) plotting from SuperSMITH Weibull file
      Aggregate Cumulative Hazard (ACH) plotting from SuperSMITH Weibull file
      Unlimited number of data using the frequency table format
      Expanded batch capability especially useful for network operation
      Pull-down menu
      Warranty data input
      Easier file selection
      Easier keyboard data entry
      Eay access to other software

For prices, visit SuperSMITH For Windows .  Order SuperSMITH Visual by purchase order, Master/Visa/American Express credit card, or by sending a check to the address shown on the banner of this web site.

The New Weibull Handbook--Fifth Edition published by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy (US$98.00 + S/H) shows how to use this software in solving practical problems.

Revision details for SuperSMITH Weibull software—this information comes from the help file:

What’s New in SuperSMITH(TM)/Revisions
              * Curve fitting
              * Crow/AMSAA (Duane) reliability growth made easy
              * Functions - data independent
              * Probability graphs - ACH, CDF (not transformed), Hazard, PDF, Reliability, Total Picture
              * Transforms - global edit of data based upon functions
              * Display alternatives - XY plot (linear/log), Bar chart, Pie Graph
              * Calculator functions - binomial, chi-squared, gamma, Poisson
              * Improved zoom capability
              * Unlimited number of data using the frequency table format.
              * Expanded batch capability especially useful for network operation
              * Warranty data input
              * Easier file selection
              * Easier keyboard data entry
              * Critical correlation coefficients for Crow/AMSAA plots

From Current To Oldest Revision) Revision details for SuperSMITH Visual software comes from the help file.

5.0CY - 11 SEP 2016 (File Version

FileName: Eliminated possibility of change of default data filename to function filename


5.0CX - 15 JUL 2016 (File Version

File Save: Restriction added to prevent Visual overwriting Weibull file

File Save: Restriction added to prevent Weibull overwriting Visual file

Help Menu: Added icon in HELP group for About

Help Menu: Consolidated menu items from 7 to 4 compatible with icon quantity

Language Translation: Created separate module for language options (SMITH_5L.BAS)

Language Translation: Created Function-fs_LangLogic(smessage) in SMITH_5L.BAS

Label/Style Edit Buttons: Enlarged and consolidated for easier touch operation

Label/Style Icon on Large Plot: Added to improve accessibility

Merge Sets: Undo available immediately after merge

Merge Sets: Point labels retained

Number Display: Improved display on plot and report

Plot: Added Label/Style Icon on large plot to improve accessibility

Plot: Added Output/Export Icon on large plot to improve accessibility

Plot: Added Okay/Exit Icon on large plot to improve accessibility

Plot: Display of Suspensions and Discoveries expanded to include on bottom scale

Plot/Edit: Improved H... Hide/Display of points

Setup Icon: Changed image to reflect more modern laptop computer

Setup Menu: Added item "W...Display Options ... On Big Plot"

Weibull Library: Defaults to file name different than data file

Zoom Menu: Changed "G..." item to "W...Display Options ... On Big Plot"

Zoom: Added size-changing box to indicate zoom

Sample/Simulate: Crow-AMSAA sample triggers C-A solution automatically (C. Tarum)

Dimensions: Changed minimum quantity of points in data set to 1000

5.0CW --26 JAN 2016  

Control-Box Buttons: Enlarged for easier touch operation

Data Grid: Midsize button enlarged for easier touch operation

Former Results: Expanded from 4 maximum to 20 maximum

Former Results: Removed plot title from file name for retrieval

Help Menu: Changed "L...Information Display (Big / Small)" to item "K..."

Setup Menu: Added item K, "Information Display (Big / Small)"

Program Exit Button: Updated display of button name for mouse

Zoom: Enlarged Icons for Output Display Choice On Big Plot


5.0CV -- 14 DEC 2015

Weibull Library: Changed menu item letter for "Clear Clipboard"


5.0CU -- 3 DEC 2015

Code Change: Sub chkdecimal moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_2A.BAS

Code Change: Sub fylprodrateout moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS

Code Change: Sub fylprodrateout1 moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS

Code Change: Sub fylusagerateout moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS

Code Change: Sub fylusagerateout1 moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS

File Check: Changed so that "\\" on the front of a path is okay

Icon Layout: Removed option for old icon layout in Setup section

Labels Above Tabs: Added for clarity

Mouse Wheel: Capability added for data grid and number input box (by Carl Tarum)

Output Icon: Added to large plot display

Removed nuisance display of the word "Select"

Transform: Added "Histogram From 2-Axis" to convert curves to histograms


5.0CT - 2 MAY 2015

Screen Resolution: Changed obvious screen resolution variables to LONG type

Outlier Calc: Changed calculation variables to LONG type

Double Precision to Single: Mitigated VB6 Csng() hang issue for value 2


5.0CS - 17 APR 2015

Number Display: Removed error display issue with number display format

Zoom: Disconnected X-Value zoom from Y-Value zoom (per D. Keisic)

Zoom: Added icon for X-Range + Y-Range Lock on regular large plot display (per D. Keisic)

Zoom Menu: Added option to display Zoom icon added above (Yes/No)

Zoom Menu: Added icon for X-Range + Y-Range Lock


5.0CR  25 Mar 2015

Button Menus: Exit now restarts originating menu to redisplay option boxes

Line Display Menu: Added option for Label Pointer Line Maximize (=Yes/No)

Parameter Box: # display agrees better with requested accuracy (per A. Jochimczyk)

Plot/Report Tabs: Enhanced display

Terminology: Clarified Plot/Report icon and tab cursor-movement messages

XY Plot: Removed nuisance array overun for maximum set points

5.0CQ - 19 Jan 2015

Data grid: Removed grid moving when button-menu selected

Parameter Box: Improved number display (Alfred Jochimczyk)


5.0CP - 09 Dec 2014—not issued

Icon Layout: Moved HELP... and ADDITIONAL... icons left to match SSY

List Color: Changed to match SSY

Menus: Added "Slide-Select" for improved touch-screen operation

Set Labels: Contour plot no longer changes lowercase "x" to uppercase "X"

Zoom Menu: Changed "Automatic Reset" menu item to "Automatic Total Reset"

Zoom Menu: Added icon for "Automatic Total Reset"

Zoom Menu / Add Data On Plot: <Esc> or (X) returns immediately to Zoom menu

Tabs Over Results Box: Enlarged vertically + added highlight for active selection

Zoom: Restored "X" box on plot for exit for menu options "C" and "D"

Other changes compatible with SSW'Other changes compatible with SSW


5.0CN - 14 May 2014

Monte Carlo Confidence: Consolidated trial quantity input between SSW and SSV

Monte Carlo Seeds: Converted to 4 seed numbers and re-activated seed setting

Monte Carlo Confidence for Crow/AMSAA: Confidence menu allows trial quantity input


5.0CM - 25 Mar 2014

Color Edit: Added icon on plot for Label / Style edit

Former Results: Added capability to overlay with Active Results

5.0CL-20 JAN 2014
Consistent with SSW changes

5.0CK - 2 JAN 2014
Batch Process: Added alternative Crow/AMSAA output formats (per Vicky Peralta)

Chi-squared routine: Nuisance iteration messages removed

.0CJ - 04 Dec 2013

'Consistent with SSW changes


5.0 CI - Skipped


5.0CH - 04 Nov 2013 (not issued)

Crow/AMSAA: Improved growth significance message in report (per Clint Grafelman)

5.0CG – 03 Sep 2013
Consistent with SSW changes

5.0CF - 22 July 2013
Consistent with SSW changes

5.0CE - 10 Jun 2013

File Access: Can input '.W' or '.V' file without extension entered

5.0CD – 23 Feb 2013

Improved YBath compatibility


5.0CC - 22 Feb 2013

Help file changes


5.0CB - 22 Jan 2013

Changes Compatible with Weibull 5.0CB

MTBF: Can enter own acronym for expected occurrence interval (for Larry Tyson)


5.0CA - 30 Nov 2012

Automatic Data Order Caution: Moved menu item from Start Lock Options to Setup Menu

BATCH PROCESSING: Reinstated -zX1_X2_Y1_Y2 zoom set functionality

Compatible with SSW


5.0C - 20 Sep 2012
Set Label Edit: Removed possibility for "Label 0" edit

5.0BZ - 13 Sep 2012
Languages: Changed name from "Default" to "Default English [American]"
Plot Label Characters: ",", "X", and space " " are now decoded from temporary file save
Zoom Menu: Added menu option "G..." function to menu option "F..." (Removed option "G")
Crow/AMSAA: Added label edit option to hide MTBF/RATE in parameter box (per Schop)

5.0BY - 5 MAY 2012

Help File: New comprehensive HELP released for 5.0BX version

Help File: Changed name of "Flow Chart" to "Best Practices Guide"

Help File: Easier SSW and SSV access to Best Practices Guide (Analysis Wizard - Flow Chart)

Abernethy Risk: Reinstated ability to choose pre-set usage rate options (D, H, M, Y)

Zoom: Added point label option to view point as point value instead of symbol


5.0BX - 21 Apr 2012

Chi-Squared: Added chi2choose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

Chi-Squared: Added chi2CDFchoose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

Chi-Squared: Added chi2DOFchoose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

File Input: Improved automatic report analysis of multiple data sets

Former Results: Green checkmark now activates


5.0BW-7 April 2012

Data Import: Improved import of text files


5.0BV-15 March 2012

API: Eliminated only API call…per Carl Tarum

File Save: Added filename to data in file (helps with Former Results…fylflpnamelasts$.flyflnamelasts$

Main Screen: Improved transition from Maximized to Normal

Zoom: Added arrow buttons for X-Range And Y-Range Lock: Select on Plot (requested by T. Marquart)

Zoom: Added reset-to-automatic button for X-Range And Y-Range Lock: Select On Plot

Additional Probability Plot: Changed automatic range to reduce range closer to data

5.0 BU-23 December 2011
Consistent with SuperSMITH Weibull changes.

5.0BT-13 Dec 2011

Function Save: Changed default filenames to avoid conflict with data filesnames
Function Code For Curve Fit: Improved for POWER fit




5.0BR – 30 Nov 2011
Function Save: Changed default filename to avoid conflict with data filenames
Function Code For Curve Fit: Improved for POWER fit


5.0BQ - 25 Oct 2011

Consistent with SSW Changes


5.0BP - 15 Oct 2011

Consistent with SSW changes


5.0BN – 1 Jul 2011

Consistent with SuperSMITH Weibull changes


5.0BM – 28 Jun 2001

Softcopy Total Report (and Standard Report): Tab lineup improved

Data Grid: Improved Data Wizard selection range


5.0BL - 1 Jun 2011

'Zoom/Point Symbol Display: Added 'Slow Point Display' option to menu

'Crow/AMSAA: Removed nuisance error message with MC Confidence for grouped data


5.0BK - 31 Mar 2011

Former Results Menu: Changed "Hide" to "Delete"

Crow/AMSAA: Simplified options when selections exceed data sets dimensioned

Demonstrate/Sample: Sampled data always to display as points for Crow/AMSAA


5.0BJ - Intermediate version - not released


5.0BI – 22 January 2011

Label Edit: Label-only filename saved to configuration file

Plot: Point colors can now be assigned according to point label

Plot: Point symbol rendering adjusted for stronger outlines

Plot/Report/Table Tabs: Added A…Activate Plot (or Report to menu)

Warranty: Expanded alternate orientations) MOP-MIS, MIS-MOP, MOP-MOA, MOA-MOP, etc.)

Warranty: Improved import of data with blanks

C/A forecast: Expanded to allow one item being replaced within interval (Motorola Mexico)


5.0BH - 15 Nov 2010

Label File: Separated from retention of data file name

Plot/Report/Table menu: Clarified options

Quality Limit Comparison: Now has option for cPk as well as PPM

Report Tab (top of results box): Now accesses Plot/Report/Table menu

Crow/AMSAA Fulton Risk: Removed nuisance reversion to Abernethy Risk menu

Crow/AMSAA Fulton Risk: Coordinated all variable sequence input menus

Crow/AMSAA Fulton Risk: Improved correlation between different output ranges (check 18WHEELR-AR6.W)

Crow/AMSAA Fulton Risk: Added capability to display fit line corresponding to new fit line parameters

Crow/AMSAA Fulton Risk: Added time to next event to output display

Crow/AMSAA menu: Removed item W...Hide Confidence / Instantaneous Line ...

Zoom: Line Add allows temporary vertical marker lines for Crow/AMSAA

5.0BG - 9 Oct 2010

DEMO: Input data alteration magnified

DEMO: Only one program needs to unlocked for all to be unlocked

Data Grid: Synchronized display of selected data points before/after screen re-size

Menus: Highlighted selected menu option box choices with capital letters

Precise Reading: Expanded capability to read from marker lines

Crow/AMSAA Fit Menu: Expanded input data types (D...Input...)

Crow/AMSAA Quantity Expected: Expanded capability to be similar to Abernethy Risk

Crow/AMSAA Quantity Expected: Changed name to Fulton Risk

Crow/AMSAA Quantity Expected: Moved menu item K...Back To Crow/AMSAA ... to Y...Back To Crow/AMSAA

Crow/AMSAA Quantity Expected: Changed menu item N...Item Quantity Expected Active ... to N...Present Item Quantity Active

File Import: Auxiliary plot capability expanded to accommodate more marker lines


5.0BF - 2 Aug 2010

Zoom: Added a menu selection for X-Axis value standard scientific format (1E+6) or (1000000)

Zoom: Moved items (Suspension + Discovery ..., Plot Side Symbol ...) to Point Symbol Display menu

Label/Style Edit: Added Line Edit Icon (Next To Symbol Edit Icon)

5.0BE - 10 Jul 2010

DEMO: Curves now smooth for auxiliary plots (LR Contours, Abernethy Risk, & Optimum Replacement)

File Name Reset: Auto program launch resets filename

5.0BD - 7 Jun 2010

Labels: Improved high-resolution aspect ratio of label boxes for first file load

Menus: Removed appearance of selection boxes after selection is made

Zoom: Made X-scale changes easier to implement

5.0BC – 15 May 2010
Clipboard: Improved robustness for sending text to the clipboard
Drop-down Menus: Increased width for language changes
HELP File: Improved system finding of file location
Opening Screen (About): Clarified lower button
Plot Grid: Added option for Grid Line Size Lock in Label/Style selection and in menu for plot line type selection
Zoom: Fit line hide (points still visible) more robust
Crow/AMSAA: Eliminated double precision overflow for mle calculations


5.0BB - 20 Jan 2010

Batch Processing: If brackets, [...], are omitted, software will linger after analyzing data file

Data Cut/Copy: Improved speed and added an indication of progress [for Marquart]

Data Import: No longer inserts zeroes automatically for spaces

Data Import: Warranty format input now allows blank entries (for zeroes)

Font Select(Labels): Improved ease of font change

Label Edit: Improved set label placement on plot immediately after label edit finish

Random # Generator: Switched to Carl Tarum's routine

Significant Figures: Improved for very large and very small numbers [for Barringer]

Start-up (Information) Screen: Made existing icons active (formerly only images)

Zoom Menu: Added selection R...Precise Range For Linear Scale Zoom (does not round)

C/A Report: Improved robustness with respect to very small lambda parameter

Data Import: Added choice for 1-column input to come in as Y-Values


5.0BA - 10 Sep 2009

All Source Code: Substituted all 3rd-party code with native Fulton Findings code

Active Results Tabs: Normalized placement of second tab for all resolutions

Data Input By Keyboard: Now asks whether to display point label on plot for 1st-time entry

Data Wizard: Added Data Wizard button to data grid

Data Wizard: Improved user interface for point label edit

Data Wizard: Improved set label edit

Drag-Drop: Replaced slow moving programming language routines with fast Fulton Findings routines

Drop-Down Menu Items: Changed menu order to better agree with icon placement

Icons: Increased size of data grid icons when grid is full screen

Language: Changed Spanish word for "Print" to "Impression"

Menus: Normalized mouse location metrics for more robust operation in all resolutions

Point Labels: Improved user interface for editing and displaying some or all of point labels

Precise Reading on Plot: Improved number display

Line Hide: Made same as set hide if Crow/AMSAA fit not active

Crow/AMSAA: Added marker lines up to maximum of 24 for total of data sets, results, and marker lines

5.0B - 28 May 2009
Zoom: Increased robustness of axis range selection when all plot data is hidden

5.0AZ - 31 Mar 2009
Main Screen: Icon layout simplified and organized for more logical layout
Main Screen: Removed nuisance message occurring during resize
Menus: Added option buttons to selected menu choices
Plot Color Select: Lock Change By File option added to exclude color choices from data file
Zoom: Plot point display options expanded to include display of points with specific point labels
Zoom: Plot point display start lock improved
Zoom: Improved Point Symbol Type entry with new icon on plot edit screen
Dimensions: Increased capacity for individual data sets to 24 on same plot

5.0AY - Intermediate Version for development

5.0AX - 15 Jan 2009
File Access: Removed old-style file dialogue box

5.0AW - 6 Dec 2008: Consistent with SSV 5.0AW

5.0AV - 28 Nov 2008
DEMO Version: Added note on plot DEMO ONLY - DATA ALTERED
Dimensions: Expanded to eliminate nuisance Out Of Range message
File Save: Simplified files access routines and especially automatic load of sample data
Auxiliary Plot (CDF, PDF, etc.): Improved robustness especially for mixtures
Plot: Simplified the X-axis and Y-axis automatic numbering

5.0AU - 15 Nov 2008
Capability: Compatible with recent new revision of IEC-61649
Information Display: Reset default to Tooltips with Select Display
ACH/CDF/HDF/PDF/RDF: Weibull mixture non-linear fit line used for Set #2 instead of 2P fit
Zoom: Y-Scale range lock restored

5.0AT - 25 Aug 2008
Value Entry Box: Clarified function of selectable items
Total Picture: Menu item re-instated for switching negative-or-positive display of suspensions
C/A: Goodness of Fit for grouped data switched to p-value indication based upon Chi^2

5.0AS - 8 Aug 2008
Start Lock: Now includes Point Symbol Type
ACH: Revised negative suspension representation to positive to arrange data in X-Value order

5.0AR – 25 Jul 2008
ACH Plotting: Returned ability to evaluate suspensions for plotting of the actual data
Batch Mode Processing: File name shown on plot if this setup option was previously chosen
Data Wizard: Changed E...Delete Special to E...Edit Special
Data Wizard: For E...Edit Special, Added T...Occurrence Only Change To Suspension
File Access Error Message: More details like ... FILE-NAME, PATH, EXPLANATION
Icon Select: Improved icon click response
Information Display: Added option in HELP menu for Big Information Display (Big Letters)
Information Display: Added option in information menu for Big Information Display (Big Letters)
Information Display: When magnified also shows data grid selections
Software Name: Standardized on SuperSMITH(R), officially registered name
Software Name: Changed acronyms to SSW (Weibull), SSV (Visual), and SSY (Ybath)
Warranty Format Import: Now allows blank cells in source data to represent zero occurrences
Zoom: T...Point Side Symbol Display menu item changed to U...
Zoom: Added menu item T...Suspension + Discovery ... Plot Display = Yes / No
Zoom: Menu item T... available to select for change even with no data
C/A: Added more information to caution about no change between data point axis-values
C/A: For Monte Carlo Sample ... added Start Point and End Point options
C/A: IEC solution is more tolerant to attempted analysis with only two points
C/A: Message about set labels possibly changing with different analysis only displays once
C/A: Precise reading set selection now includes parameter values for the fit line
C/A: Precise reading now reads anywhere along the fit line or instantaneous line using function
C/A: Report now includes forecast for next 1-10 plus 20, 50 and 100
C/A: Report clarified with respect to r^2 and ccc^2 and r^2-ccc^2
C/A & Nelson RE: Message about turning off C/A (or RE) analysis changed to options (turn-off or not)
Nelson RE: Improved robustness of data import when column quantity is unknown
Nelson RE: Improved analysis of data import when equipment ID is unknown
Plot: Grid line thickness now not automatically changed when accessing C/A

5.0AQ - 22 Mar 2008
Batch Processing: The -L option (run, file-load, linger) was change to -h (hold)
Batch Processing: The -yffffffff option (library item save option) was changed to –Lffffffff
Batch Processing: Added [zc], [zp], and [zfxxxxxxxx] options for Precise Reading
Batch Processing: The -xV option (V is some value) was added for input of a horizontal axis value
Batch Processing: The -yV option (V is some value) was added for input of a vertical axis value
Precise Reading: <Enter> returns to main menu now
Zoom: Hide option (Yes / No) returns to main screen now
Nelson RE: Software is now more robust for data entry by hand or by copy/paste
Nelson RE: Data entry clarified for default info box (shown when RE icon clicked with no data)
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5.0AP - 5 Mar 2008
C/A Confidence: Input now more like WSW input
C/A MC Confidence: More robust for data deletion and change of method
C/A MC Confidence: Option to decide left-right orientation or right-left orientation or automatic
C/A IEC Fit Method: Locked-out possibility of error by using point-by-point equations on grouped data
Curve Fit: Correlation now reflects fit with respect to fit line and not just linear trend of data

5.0A0 - Skipped This Version # because of confusion between 0 and O

5.0AN - 25 Jan 2008
Distribution/Program Name Box: Improved location and sizing for different screen resolutions
Monte Carlo: Default random # seed changed to 3939889 (was 3979771) for wider default spread
VISTA(Microsoft) Operating System: Added more automatic help information
C/A Confidence: Added pivotal (pv) Monte Carlo method
/A Confidence: Clarified menu option for confidence level
C/A Confidence: Improved calculation of confidence lines around fit line, especially for IEC
C/A Confidence: Horizontal variability for point-by-point data added
C/A Random Sample: Improved Monte Carlo variate generation

5.0AM - 23 Oct 2007
Drawing Line On Plot: Improved number display box locations to avoid cursor on top of box
Files: More robust for spaces in file names
Arrhenius Fit: Made b display more robust to values beyond 300 orders of magnitude
Batch Processing: Now more robust for spaces in file names
Crow/AMSAA: Added interpolate button on side of report for data and fit line
Nelson RE: Simplified data description box on plot (removed Data#)
Nelson RE: Terminology in data description changed to Item-Quantity Event-Quantity
Nelson RE: The - symbol is used on the RE plot for upper and lower confidence limits
Nelson RE: Y-scale value length agrees with significant digit selection
Nelson RE: Default plot representation is points, but can be changed to step-function
Plot/Report: Option for suspension plotting as negative vertically extended to all suspension displays
Scale Type: Clarified choices [Power Fit Linear, Exponential Fit Linear]

5.0AL - 5 Sep 2007
Batch Processing: DEMO does not accept input data without altering
Batch Processing: Activated -u option (version on results) by rearranging subroutine call sequence
Label Edit: Caution added about using underline character _ (reserved as delimiter)

5.0AK - 18 Aug 2007
File Save: Extension .v added automatically to FF filenames saved from WSV (if no extension specified)
Crow/AMSAA: Clarified confidence value input
Crow/AMSAA: Removed upper rate confidence estimate for beginning data values
Crow/AMSAA: Removed extra lower point and extra upper point for instantaneous line
Data: Reset import logic to accept standard data without converting negative values to suspensions

5.0AJ - 7 Aug 2007
Variable Usage/Production: Now can use comma or period for delimiter as appropriate
Crow/AMSAA: Option for display of confidence lines and instantaneous line on standard display
Crow/AMSAA: Store/restore of original data improved
Crow/AMSAA (STUDENT): Re-activated this option with minimum data sets
Nelson RE: Now allows entry of data as shown in HELP Nelson RE section

5.0AI - 26 Jun 2007
Text File Import: Improved import with commas and spaces
Crow/AMSAA Forecast: Improved agreement between Standard, MTBF, RATE, and other transforms

5.0AH - 21 May 2007
Batch Processing: Added option -u to put version info on plot and report
Zoom: Right mouse click returns to main screen
Curve Fit: Added option (zero) 0...Extrapolate By X-Value ... esp. for use with C/A

5.0AG - 2 May 2007
Dimensions: Default is now 20 sets x 1200 entries to start

5.0AF - 1 May 2007
Compatible with WSW

5.0AE - 12 Apr 2007
Color Sequence: Revised default color sequence
Nelson RE: Improved data description information for multiple data sets

5.0AD - 2 Apr 2007
Results To Clipboard: Removed nuisance notification that output occurred
Language (English): Replaced Buyer with Consumer
Language (English): Replaced Seller with Producer
Menus: Analysis reset option standardized to N...None ... Reset (located just before X...Exit)
Scaling: Log scale numbering expanded in highest scale

5.0AC - 3 Mar 2007
Crow/AMSAA: Nuisance display for parameter box Fit-p% removed
Quality Limit Comparison: Improved plot display for Only Line

5.0AB - 21 Feb 2007
Compatible with WSW

5.0AA - 15 Feb 2007
Crow/AMSAA: Added Availability Transform

5.0A - 6 Feb 2007
File Line Input: Improved robustness with additional end-of-file check
Icons: New look for icons for better recognition
Crow/AMSAA Report: Improved simple forecast table output to show closest integer
Contour Plots: Smoothed for large X-values
Main Screen: Removed nuisance appearance of fit-view icon
Nelson RE: Added report page
Plot: Restored parameter box border for C/A and RE
Setup/Dimension: Added Start-Lock icon compatible with WSW
Zoom/Hide: Stores negative lower limit with data file

4.0WX - 14 Dec 2006
Compatible with WSW 4.0WX

4.0WW - 10 Dec 2006
Plot Color Yes/No: Simplified choice from Plot/Report menu
Nelson Recurrent Events: MCF Added with confidence and automatic import of text file or clipboard data
Quality Limit Comparison (now QLC ... was LUC): Improved Lower/Upper Limit Comparison For PPM

4.0WV - 14 Oct 2006
Data Import: Improved consistency of Point Label input
Grid Label: Added " _ Point Name" to data format description
Method/Input: Improved ease-of-use for selecting mle unbias method
Date Format: Added Year-Mo-Day format
Nomenclature: Removed "Prediction" from Precise Reading section
View Additional Probability Plot: Added Q...LUC Lower / Upper (Limit) Comparison For PPM

4.0WU - 11 Jul 2006
Consistent with WSW 4.0WU

4.0WT - 21 Jun 2006
Zoom: Clarified selection menu for At Value

4.0WS - 14 Jun 2006
Consistent with WSW 4.0WS

4.0WR - 13 May 2006
Consistent with WSW 4.0WR

4.0WP - 3 May 2006
Help: Added analysis comment capability
Batch Operation: Added save picture/report as bitmap file
Color Choices: Added option for same for all points and lines
Color Choices: Standardized and clarified color dialogue box
Output: Added save picture as bitmap file
Zoom Menu: Simplified F... At Value data entry
Crow/AMSAA: Added message saying fit results can only be deleted in analysis menu
Crow/AMSAA: Added caution for editing labels automatically generated by software

4.0WN - 1 Mar 2006
Demo: Enhanced notice of altered input data
File: Removed input capability for very old (DOS) format
Point Labels: Enhanced capability
Set/Line Labels: Attached end of pointer line to plot grid value
Temp Files: Added title names
Zoom: Refined location of additional line on plot
Additional probability plot: Improved normal/lognormal data conversion
Additional probability plot: Confidence and t0 shift display improved
Crow-AMSAA Quantity Expected: Added analysis type to menu
Crow-AMSAA Quantity Expected: Added return-to-C/A-analysis to menu
Crow-AMSAA: Added quantity expected to menu
Crow-AMSAA: Does not switch to automatic zoom when instantaneous line added
Crow-AMSAA: Made menu selections for transforms more robust
Zoom: Reinstated repeat zoom capability

4.0WM - 27 Nov 2005
High Suspension Count: Improved consistency of calculation
Crow/AMSAA: Added icon for C/A forecast by month
Total Picture: Improved robustness of output
Curve Fit: Software remembers last 3 fits if data not changed

4.0WL - 11 Nov 2005
Data Entry/Import: Improved data quantity capability (esp. for micro-electronics)
Data Entry/Import: Added import capability for point labels
Data Export(Hardcopy/Softcopy): Easy row and column export to clipboard
Data Wizard: Added point quantity merge (change multiple entries to frequency entry)
File Input: Restore of Chr$(13) when depleted for small files
Icon Selection Display: Icon borders get lighter when cursor moves over them
Icon Follow-Box: Improved descriptions
Setup: Removed unnecessary options from menu display
Setup: Returns to menu after selection with display of choice
Setup: Does not double option for point quantities past maximum
Setup: Sample File Copy choice presented immediately after installation
Zoom: Added X-Range and Y-Range Lock Start
Crow/AMSAA: Automatic labeling turned off for extrapolation and additional data entry
Crow/AMSAA: reset calculation for extrapolate selection to avoid nuisance message
Function: Added inverse Chi-squared operator (ichi^2)
File Save: Added caution for saving loaded WSW file as WSV format
Hardcopy/Softcopy: Added Parameter-To-Clipboard output (like WSW)
Plot/Curve Type and Scaling: Added Arrhenius-X and Arrhenius-Y scaling
Plot/Curve Type and Scaling: Added Special Big Point Only curve type
Plot/Curve Type and Scaling: Added menu selection for plot type
Plot/Curve Type and Scaling: Added scaling type display to plot...
- LgX for log-scale horizontal only
- LgY for log-scale vertical only
- LgL for log-scale horizontal and log-scale vertical (Crw when Crow/AMSAA active)
- ArX for Arrhenius-scale (-1/X) horizontal and log-scale vertical
- ArY for Arrhenius-scale (-1/X) vertical and log-scale horizontal
Plot/Curve Type and Scaling: Linked scaling type swap to tranform swap
Zoom: Changed I...Point Display Interval menu option to K

4.0WK - 10 Mar 2005
Additional: Removed video launch button
Language/Currency: Moved menu item A...File Name On Plot, to K...
Setup: Starting menu is general
Zoom: X-Range + Y-Range Lock At Value improved
Calculator: Mean to Eta conversion more tolerant to zero input
Confidence: pv method more robust
Interval mle: Solution for small data sets more robust
Predict: Return to predict menu from results upon <ESC> for only line
Library: Added menu options D,U,V to allow appending library items to output
Lock: Clarified lock for method, etc.
Method: Automatic Conversion of Probit data to Interval mle data improved
Method: Added G...Fit Type For mle Modified and removed dialogue box
Method: Added J...Input Type Inspect Sample to Sample = Difference or No Difference
Method: Interval MLE - now can select with standard data
Plot/Report: The n/s designation adjusted for Difference or No Difference in Grouped Data
Risk: Added RBA for forecast to address issue found by Paul Barringer
Risk: Added RBA1 for looking only at occurrence expectation
Risk: RBA adjustment now for both forecast and present
Risk and Optimum Replacement: Improved response to <ENTER> key for menu
Setup: Activate or Exit in menus goes back to start of Setup
Softcopy Total Report: Rank Table output limited to 300 points due to clipboard restrictions
Subroutine: Renamed "suspns" to "allptcount"
Suspension: Automatic ranking for same-valued suspensions and occurrences more robust
3-Parameter: Find-Optimum off response clarified

4.0WK - 10 Mar 2005
Additional: Removed video launch button
Language/Currency: Moved menu item A...File Name On Plot, to K...
Setup: Starting menu is general
Zoom: X-Range + Y-Range Lock At Value improved
Sample/Demonstrate: Added special data set 9V from IEC1164
PDF And Other Auxiliary Plots: 3-parameter import enhanced
Crow/AMSAA: Enhanced B...Barringer fit display for C/A

4.0WJ - 1 Oct 2004
Batch Run: Clarified display for input suggestions
Data Wizard: Added point labels (especially for S/N info)
Label/Style: Added caution for saving of labels only
Library File Save: Now does not change default data file name
Menus: Replaced parenthesis with alternate punctuation for clarity
Zoom: Added H...X-Range + Y-Range Lock Reset To Former
Batch Run: Enhanced Crow/AMSAA to add IEC fit-type choice
Batch Run: For Crow/AMSAA, can now save FF format to file
Batch Run: Added label-get capability to WSV like in WSW
Contour View: Automatic plot shows new contour curve type
Crow/AMSAA: Set delete no longer resets analysis for all sets
PDF Plot: Improved accuracy of data-only especially for 3-parameter

4.0WH -  7 Apr 2004
Compatible with WSW new version

4.0WG - 17 Mar 2004
File Access: Improved tolerance for bad file name entry
File Access: Improved input of former files
Data Import: Improved consistency of .PRN file import
Data Import: Improved robustness of Paste from clipboard
Plot symbols: Improved consistency of symbol rendering on plot
Standard message box: Improved response for <ENTER> key
Batch-Run: Added capability to automatically load label file
Crow/AMSAA: IEC output clarified for consistency
Crow/AMSAA: IEC fit statistics displayed more fully

4.0WF - 25 Jan 2004
Crow/AMSAA: Improved notification of IEC point quantity requirements

4.0WE - 12 Jan 2004
File: Network file access improved for standard files
File: Added former file list to file drop-down and setup
File: Added get last .tmp results to former file list
Additional probability plot: Added occurrence/suspension histogram
Data export: Alternative for saving data without x in format
Transform: Added plot of set 1 vs. set 2 (x vs. y or data vs. fit, etc.)
Transform: Added difference between set 1 and set 2 (residuals)
For the SuperSMITH version (SuperSMITH
Weibull + SuperSMITH Visual + SuperSMITH YBATH software

4.0WD - 9 Nov 2003
Setup file copy: Removed additional dialog box
Crow/AMSAA: Modified mle designation shortened from IEC1164&61710 to IEC
Crow/AMSAA: Put less-than-5-points warning for grouped data only in HELP file

4.0WC - 1 Nov 2003
Crow/AMSAA:Added analysis date range label option
Crow/AMSAA: Added additional occurrence (AO)
Crow/AMSAA: Added plot designations A/G/O/T for equation types and AO for repair data
Color tracking: Matched BPR nameplate color to WSW selection
Parameter box: Added option to change location
Transform: Added #7 and #8 transforms for comparing model results to data
Setup: Reinstated key-press for language/currency menu

4.0WB - 20 Sep 2003
Specified point size: Retained for label edit and zoom like WSW
Crow/AMSAA: Improved robustness for raw data input

4.0WA - 12 June 2003
Consistent with WSW 4.0WA

4.0W   - 19 May 2003
Display accuracy: Easier to set
Special points: Not shown for import with transform
Add line on plot: Slope value displayed during line selection
Plot labels: Clearer near plot borders

4.0V - 28 Apr 2003
Automatic data order comment: Only started in setup
Zoom: Added entry/delete of special point on plot to D...add-data-point-on-plot
Crow/AMSAA: Added mle(/IEC1164) choice of time-term., occur.-term., or grouped solution
Crow/AMSAA: Improved IEC1164 calculation tolerance to identical x-values
Crow/AMSAA: Improved message for correcting for identical x-values

4.0UC - 18 Mar 2003
Improved ease-of-use

4.0UB  - 11 Mar 2003
Data list: Added simpler output to clipboard
Point quantity: Added automatic merge capability
Zoom: Added plot line size of Maximize+ (thickest)
Auxiliary WSV plot: Added indications of WSV start-up

4.0UA - 1 Feb 2003
Interim Version To Improve Performance

- 19 Jan 2003
Hardcopy/Softcopy: Improved printer orientation selection
Data-Import: Improved recognition of > and < in first lines
Data-Import: Improved recognitioin of data with first row labeling
Program Label: Added additional access to Weibull software

4.0T - 6 Dec 2002
Additional WSV plots: Improved interface for lines only
Main screen: Different colors for WSW and WSV analysis labels
Zoom: Added Point-Sequence to Plot Symbol Type
Crow/AMSAA: Improved simulation technique
Curve fit: Improved robustness of fit menu

4.0SD -21 Oct 2002
User interface: Updated

4.0SC  - 19 Sep 2002
Import: Allows top row with non-numeric information
Setup: Lock for color by set sequence (automatic) or by data / line
Setup: Start lock for data point hide (additional probability plot)
Help: Simplified access to Analysis Wizard (Flow Chart)- Help: Improved access to Contents page
Help: Clarified program organization with Icon Map - Software Tour
Crow/AMSAA: New ccc values based on Barringer/Cole simulations
Crow/AMSAA: Improved modified-mle selections based upon IEC1164
Crow/AMSAA: Default to IEC1164

4.0SB  - 13 Sep 2002
Setup: Added Weibull library icon
Color selection: Color by set sequence (automatic) or by data / line
Color output: 2D bar and 3D bar charts now have background outlines
Fit: Increased precision of linear correlation coefficient
Sample: Added Crow/AMSAA data sample

4.0SA - 20 Aug 2002
Data grid: Improved data handling robustness for set delete

4.0S - 30 Jul 2002
Legend: Reinstated legend label to graph
Import: Improved import of WSV file with BPR results

4.0R - 8 Jul 2002
Plot symbols: Added set sequence (1,2,3… or A,B,C…)
Point size: Added midsize and very large options
WSW file import: Improved display of only lines and fit lines for ACH, HDF, PDF
WSW file import: Removed calculation of hidden fit lines
Data set dimensions: added capability for up to 20 data sets

4.0PA, PB, PC - 14 Jun 2002
Improved existing capabilities with easier user interface

4.0P - 28 Feb 2002
Import: Added Step-Stress load sequence display
Zoom: Find intersection enhanced
Zoom: Added X-Scale Value Display (Minimum/Maximum)
Calculator: Poisson and Gamma expanded
Parameter Box: Items lined up

4.0O    - Not issued because of confusion between zeros “0” and the letter “O”

4.0N - 15 Jan 2002
Sample data loading improved

4.0M - 1 Dec 2001
Fit function display improved

4.0L - 1 Nov 2001
Plot display of r^2 improved
PDF Point display improved
Only line import improved
Warranty matrix conversion for Crow/AMSAA improved

4.0K - 3 Oct 2001
Redimension - improved indication for point quantity > maximum
Crow/AMSAA - reset clears transform status

4.0J - 15 Aug 2001
Data Wizard - added merge capability
Hardcopy/Softcopy - added EXPORT nomenclature
Crow/AMSAA - improved EXPR transform with large usage times
Crow/AMSAA - improved confidence solution for small samples
Batch processing - enabled fit method specification

4.0H, I - Intermediate versions

4.0G - 17 Jul 2001
Plot/Report Menu - added submenu for selection
Plot labels - added half character length for italics
Direct to main screen after first session
Data Wizard - improved response to total set question
Printing - improved plot output for note, labels and border
Batch Operation - improved output especially to printer

4.0F - 20 Mar 2001
Improved overwriting with new versions
Allow file type setting with -L on command line
Improved import with commas
Added system busy indicator for 3D plotting

4.0E - 1 Mar 2001
Persistent data with redimension
Reinitialize file name upon getting former results
DEMO to FULL memory enhanced
Added edit key function to large data grid
Added t0 entry to set label for WSW t0 file import

4.0D -12 December 2000
Added Italian language file
Added additional language file capability (general)
Removed property value 380 message
Improved HPGL interface 
ßfor more HPGL & HPG details see

4.0C - 04 December 2000
Consolidated references to Crow/AMSAA (Duane/AMSAA models)

4.0B - 29 November 2000
Compatible with WSW version number

4.0A - 20 November 2000
Added Barringer ccc to
Added smoothed data points on PDF and HDF plots
Improved Zoom icon
Improved data inport
DEMO to FULL file copy capability
Pull-down menus enhanced
Y-axis label toggles between side-by-side and stacked
Batch capability for Crow/AMSAA
Added PDFn, CDFn, PDFw, CDFw, PDFx, CDFx to function tool
Improved range lock input in zoom
Updated batch operation
Added security to DEMO-to_FULL code saved to disk
Improved Crow/AMSAA default to rank regression method rather than maximum likelihood
Improved ACH calculation for interval MLE
Added quantity transform to data wizard
Added Arrhenius fit (plus activation energy E value display) to curve fit

3.0Y - 6 April 2000
Added a and b value display to curve fit
Simplified Crow/AMSAA after a curve fit

3.0X - 29 February 2000
Added Find-Intersect to Zoom menu
Instantaneous Crow/AMSAA line slightly enlarged
Clarified import with commas
Clarified toggle choices

3.0W - 24 January 2000
ACH plotting positions improved

3.0V - 5 Oct 1999 Total Report option added
Immediate replot for transform
ACH improved for interval mle
File name and software version on results capability
Data wizard transform capability (x-axis and y-axis)

3.0U -20August 1999
Improved convergence for Crow/AMSAA for large beta + small lambda

3.0T -9 August 1999
Improved batch processing capability

3.0S - 21 July 1999
Improved solution robustness for Crow/AAMSA analysis
Improved display for curve fit results (power and exponential)
Improved batch processing capability
Improved agreement between HPGL output colors and standard colors on screen  ßfor more HPGL & HPG details see
Added data wizard capability

3.0R - 17 June 1999
Reinstated batch operation

3.0P - 7 May 1999
Consistent with new WSW version
Corrected Chi^2 array for d.o.f. of 20 and p of 5%
Rearranged subroutines for new programs

3.0N - 22 Apr 1999
Consistent with WSW

3.0M - 27 Mar 1999
Added YBath(TM) access from any path location
Report shows page sequence indication
Added exponential to calculator menu
Improved data grid paging
EXPR transform (exponential reliability) added to Crow/AMSAA
Improved x-axis value labels for log-scale
Improved plot display of Crow/AMSAA instantaneous line

3.0L - 16 Mar 1999
Added capability for individual fit line display on/off
Crow/AMSAA reset of transformed data trimmed closer to original data
SURV output (1 - RATE) added to Crow/AMSAA
Improved Crow/AMSAA extrapolate and method selection

Blank page icon on main screen resets Crow/AMSAA to default settings
Blank page icon for reset added to function entry
Label added for Crow/AMSAA checkmark
Returns to Crow/AMSAA menu now after method choice
File open of Crow/AMSAA with different method changes to existing
Improved recalc for extrapolate selection
Change of Crow/AMSAA method returns to Crow/AMSAA menu

3.0J - 1999 Feb 14
Output directly to printer fixed at Courier 12
Report output to clipboard can be ASCII output or graphics output
Crow/AMSAA extrapolate option reset is immediate
Added text note capability on plot

3.0H - 1999 Jan 04
ACH now accounts for suspensions
Improved terminology and input for Add set/line on plot
Added curve type designation to plot type icon name

3.0G - 1998 Dec 03
Added precise reading on plot capability in prediction menu
Added set-/-line-on-plot capability with cursor position indicators in zoom menu
Added set-/-line-on-plot point quantity and precise / random type in zoom menu
Added enter-point-on-plot capability to zoom menu
The word FROZEN replaced with the word LOCK in zoom menu
Reorganized code so that only 2 of 19 files are custom (others are common)
Improved capability of curve fit routine and Crow/AMSAA routine

3.0F - 1998 Nov 13
Improved report display for Crow/AMSAA rate and MTBF
Improved function edit and fitting routines
Improved hardcopy/softcopy menu arrangement

3.0E - 1998 Nov 1
Added graphic Delete/Cut/Copy capability to Zoom menu
Added Plot Side Symbol Display to Zoom menu
Previous results mini-graphs can now be re-clicked to recall data
Message box now details options for mini-graph recall
Expanded data grid for high-res display
Simplified Crow/AMSAA routine confidence selection and instantaneous line
Improved ACH method for normal and lognormal data

3.0D - 1998 Oct 1
Extended icon tool bar side-to-side for high resolution

3.0C - 1998 Sep 14
Removed ACH restriction requiring beta above 1.0
Changed Svensk language to Svenska in program

3.0B - 1998 Sep 5
Added interval ACH capability
Added Espanol language capability
Added Svensk language capability

3.0A - 1998 Aug 15
New DEMO to FULL unlock password coding
Individual limits on decimal significance (in Setup) now for general, life, and slope
Automatic ACH plot capability for import of file saved from SuperSMITH Weibull
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2.1B - 1998 JUL 8
Compatible with WSW 2.1B

2.1A - 1998/6/30
Added set label edit capability to the data grid
Added password accessibility to convert DEMO to FULL version
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2.0Z - 1998/5/30
Added Windows Printer (HI-RES) hardcopy output option
Renamed standard bitmap output to Windows Printer (WYSIWYG)
Added line = minimize/maximize to Zoom menu for plot line thickness
Improved labeling on HPGL hardcopy output
Added Additional File Path for improved access to additional FF programs
Improved tolerance to zero time interval input in Crow/AMSAA
Improved file save options for Crow/AMSAA and Curve Fit portions of program

2.0Y - 1998/4/21
Restored r^2 plot display for Crow/AMSAA regression
Added next expected occurrence display for Crow/AMSAA report

2.0X - 1998/4/14
Compatible with WinSMITH(TM) Weibull 2.0X

2.0W - 1998/3/30
Added limit correction for warranty data analysis

2.0V - 1998/3/24
Reinstated okay button for calculator
Improved HPGL output

2.0U - 1998/3/12
Removed okay button from calculator and hardcopy/softcopy menus
Improved fault tolerance of font selection
Changed default method for Crow/AMSAA model to MLE
Added multiplying factor for cost of unreliability to Crow/AMSAA

2.0T - 1998/2/10
Font Selection and Color Selection added for plot output
German translation added
Added improved icon information choices (+ tooltips, +none)
Significant figures selection added to setup/language/decimal section
Binomial calculator improved

Larry Crows confidence bounds added for Crow/AMSAA
Demo capability
File list update improved

2.0R - 1997/12/02
Added tabs on active results window for switching between plot and report
Updated YBath(TM) icon to icon from Bathtub Software (TM)
Modified file save format to include WSW parameters
Added HDF (hazard) and RDF (reliability) plots for import of WSW files

2.0P - 1997/11/21
Compatible with WinSMITH Weibull 2.0P

2.0N - 1997/11/17
Compatible with WinSMITH Weibull 2.0N

2.0M - 1997/11/10
Access to AVI video files provided

Prototype for version 2.0M

2.0K - 1997/9/30
Improved messages for data import into Crow/AMSAA
Added French language file

2.0J - 1997/8/28
Precise Reading output clarified for Y-value input
Default data set for paste is now column selected in grid

2.0H - 1997/8/2
Decimal operation improved
Point symbol automatic/big/small added
Crow/AMSAA extrapolation for instantaneous line added

2.0G - 1997/7/9
Imbedded data sets

2.0F - 1997/7/7
Import capability expanded:
Warranty data import and analysis (Crow/AMSAA)
column data can be X-value, Y-value
column data can be multiple sets
import can be either from clipboard or from ASCII file
Batch processing expanded
Language capability improved

2.0E - 1997/3/31
Recompiled - No functional change

2.0D - 1997/3/26
Function input no longer needed for Transform # 6.

Improved Crow/AMSAA (Duane) options and performance
Improved initialization file compatibility with WinSMITH Weibull
Transform # 6 added.

Improved Compatibility with WinSMITH Weibull

Language and Currency selection added
Decimal symbol recognition added
Improved Crow/AMSAA (Duane) analysis capability

1.0A    - No revision
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