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SuperSMITH® software has a new look in versions 5.0AZ and higher. Fulton Findings LLC, the maker of the world’s first widely used Weibull Engineering software, has moved ahead with a more tightly integrated user interface for SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual. The new icon layout shown below consolidates common functionality with unique tools for variability modeling, trend analysis, and forecasting. The familiar data grid (data input and data edit) and results box (plots and reports) remain virtually unchanged. Changes involve integration of the larger-sized icons with associated drop-down menus in a simplified pattern. All previous functionality is retained with new functionality added in specialized areas such as Abernethy Risk, Accelerated Testing, Barringer Process Reliability, and Monte Carlo Simulation.


SuperSMITH Weibull is Windows based probability plot software which is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.



WinSMITH Weibull software by Fulton Findings produces probability plots for distributions:
            Gumbel (upper and lower), and
            normal (Gaussian)
probability-plots to analyze data used for making reliability improvements.  For revision details,
click here. 

How do you pronounce the Swedish name Waloddi Weibull?  If you’re:
   Swedish-      Wa-Loddi Vay-Bull

   Norwegian-  Wa-Loddi Vay-Bull

   German-      Vah-Lodi Vy-Bull

   French-        Wah-Lodi Way-Bull

   Polish-         Vah-Lodi Vy-Bull

   American-    Wah-Low-D Y-Bull
No one says Wee-Bull!


SuperSMITH Weibull operates in a Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit) operating environment.  SuperSMITH software will not run on Windows RT version, nor will it run on Windows 8 phones because they have different chip and instruction codes.  


SuperSMITH Weibull also runs on Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets, Toshiba Encore tablet, and may also run on Hewlett Packard’s Stream 7. 

Price list for the software also provide for volume discounts.  Upgrade installation hints are available.

View the software revision list below.

Three software training aids are available:

1.     PlayTIME is the home study tutorial used for Weibull Analysis training classes by Dr. Abernethy and Wes Fulton.  It is terse but covers most software functions.

2.     The SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual Training Manual is used for the 1.5 day SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual hands-on training sessions.  It contains many more detailed explanations along with questions/answers with many hints of how to do the analysis.

3.     You can download a short PDF file that shows excerpts from pre-version 5.0AX of the software Training Manual.  A similar short PDF file for 5.0AX and beyond will assist with getting started with use of the software and how you interpret a Weibull plot.

No-cost demonstration software can be downloaded for evaluation and teaching.  Universities can use the demonstration software to analyze datasets saved from authentic SuperSMITH Weibull software as the demo version will handle the authentic file and NOT randomize the data as occurs when you type data into the demonstration software—remember not to save the DEMO file over the authentic version as it will destroy the authentic file integrity.

For details about each SuperSMITH Weibull revision, see the bottom of this page when considering upgrades for Weibull analysis software.   The following graph was made in SuperSMITH Weibull and it is a Weibull plot using rank regression techniques with pump seal life data.

Age-to-failure and strength data from field or laboratory tests are quickly plotted into straight lines to create order from the apparent random failure events.

How much data can you input? 12 columns of data with each column having up to 8000 rows of data points for both actual failures and censored data, or 1 column of data with up to 24,000 rows of data.  For more data, input the data in a frequency table format and the input can be in millions of data points.

Normal, Lognormal, Gumbel, and Weibull probability plots are available along with probit analysis when data is acquired at periodic inspection intervals. Age/time corrections can be computed automatically to correct probability plot curvature when the age/time origin is not zero. Optimum replacement intervals are available when costs are supplied. The program calculates confidence intervals and perform risks analysis. Weibayes forecasts of age to failure are generated with only a few keystrokes.

Data suspensions for different failure modes and when components have not failed can be input individually or by histogram. Data sets can be analyzed to find the "best" probability distribution using the distribution analysis feature. Goodness of fit values are compared to critical values to show if the analysis is valid for the model chosen.

Kaplan-Meier data can be input through the inspection feature of the program and displayed in all probability plot formats. User manual information is available on-line by <F1> key stroke.

Specific features of the SuperSMITH Weibull program are:
      Performs Weibull analysis of age-to-failure data to make Weibull probability plots
       Performs lognormal analysis of age-to-failure data to make lognormal probability plots
       Performs Gumble upper distribution analysis of data where each data point is the largest value
       Performs Gumble lower distribution analysis of data where each data point is the least value
       Performs normal (Gausian) analysis of age-to-failure data to make normal probability plots
       SuperSMITH Weibull software output is used in SuperSMITH Visual software
                 for PDF, CDF, and Hazard plots
       Complete interval maximum likelihood capability is easily accessible
       Expanded interval/probit analysis capability with Kaplan-Meir method and clipboard
                 probit data entry
       Exclusive set comparison techniques with
                 modified likelihood ratio test,
                 confidence bound comparison at B-value, and
                 likelihood contours
       Test planning with any number of allowed failures (up to test sample size) for life/reliability/
                 /confidence requirement testing or demonstration of improvement
       Normal and lognormal distributions are included in the test requirements
       Binomial, Fisher matrix, likelihood ratio and pivotal confidence bounds at any % for
                point-by-point data
       Probit confidence and Greenwood’s confidence are available for % with grouped data
       Calculator functions—binomial, chi-squared, gamma, Poisson
       Three parameter solution with either rank regression or maximum likelihood
       Next expected occurrence for risks plus risk analysis for grouped data
       Probabilistic – Strength/Load, Life/Usage, and tail comparisons for accelerated testing
       Parameter as function of engineering variable (PFEV) for accelerated testing data
       Warranty data analysis
       Improved zoom capability
       Unlimited number of failures and suspensions using the frequency table format
       Expanded batch capability especially useful for network operation
       Easy access to other software
       Language capability—US English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Svenska, Portugues, Italiano
       Written as a 32-bit program (long file names, larger file size, and compatibility with LAN

Data output from SuperSMITH Weibull can be imported into other software by Fulton Findings such as SuperSMITH Visual with the click of a single icon button.

Microsoft Graphics Conversion Utility For Making Editable Graphs In PowerPoint
You can convert SuperSMITH Weibull *.HGL graphics files into PowerPoint graphics files for making “Board Room” presentation graphics.  The Microsoft website contains a no-cost HGL (HPGL) converter (with instructions on how to install the converter) for use in PowerPoint at:  
  ;en-us;q196506 .
For more details on making presentation quality plots from SuperSMITH Weibull, click here for more information about graphics conversions for SuperSMITH files saved with HGL extensions.

See SuperSMITH for discounts and other pricing details.

Order SuperSMITH Weibull by purchase order, Visa/Master/American Express card, or by sending a check to the address shown on the home page of this web site.

The New Weibull Handbook--Fifth Edition published by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy (US$98.00 + shipping/handling) shows how to use this software in solving practical problems.

Current To Oldest Revision) Revision details for SuperSMITH Weibull software comes from the help file:

5.0CX --15 JUL 2016 (File Version
Added Nelson Recurrent Events, Crow-AMSAA, and Kaplan-Meier to Models in Help file
Added note on ASTM C1239 to Methods in Help file
Added graphs and tables for Normal and LogNormal in Methods in Help file
File Save: Restriction added to prevent Visual overwriting Weibull file
File Save: Restriction added to prevent Weibull overwriting Visual file
Help Menu: Added icon in HELP group for About
Help Menu: Consolidated menu items from 7 to 4 compatible with icon quantity
Language Translation: Created separate module for language options (SMITH_5L.BAS)Language Translation: Created Function-fs_LangLogic(smessage) in SMITH_5L.BAS
Label/Style Edit Buttons: Enlarged and consolidated for easier touch operation
Label/Style Icon on Large Plot: Added to improve accessibility
Merge Sets: Undo available immediately after merge
Merge Sets: Point labels retained
Number Display: Improved display on plot and report
Plot: Added Label/Style Icon on large plot to improve accessibility
Plot: Added Output/Export Icon on large plot to improve accessibility
Plot: Added Okay/Exit Icon on large plot to improve accessibility
Plot: Display of Suspensions and Discoveries expanded to include on bottom scale
Plot/Edit: Improved H... Hide/Display of points
Setup Icon: Changed image to reflect more modern laptop computer
Setup Menu: Added item "W...Display Options ... On Big Plot"
Weibull Library: Defaults to file name different than data file
Zoom Menu: Changed "G..." item to "W...Display Options ... On Big Plot"
Zoom: Added size-changing box to indicate zoom
3D Plot: Increased locations within user interface for access
Abernethy Risk: Added icon for Automatic Total Reset
Abernethy Risk: Removed hang issue with Outside Interaction Correction
Confidence: Added option to show parameter confidence limits on plot
Confidence: Improved lr solution for negative data (Normal + Gumbel)
Confidence Contour: Mitigated use of letter "X" in file (contour titles)
Dice Icon: Added Sample-From-Sample to Sample Type for one or more sets
Interaction: Added 'Parameter Change To Present Plot Results' Option (D. Keisic)
Naming: Changed lognormal parameter 'MuAL' to 'Med' for median
Optimum Replacement: Added icon for Automatic Total Reset
Plot Display: Improved automatic change for usage of negative data value

5.0CW --26 JAN 2016
Updates of ActiveX controls
Updated Setup1.exe file for administrators to run a quiet install
Added File Version number to the file properties (
Added Help section on "Technical Notes" for Administrators
Control-Box Buttons: Enlarged for easier touch operation
Data Grid: Midsize button enlarged for easier touch operation
Former Results: Expanded from 4 maximum to 20 maximum
Former Results: Removed plot title from file name for retrieval
Help Menu: Changed "L...Information Display (Big / Small)" to item "K..."
Setup Menu: Added item K, "Information Display (Big / Small)"
Program Exit Button: Updated display of button name for mouse
Zoom: Enlarged Icons for Output Display Choice On Big Plot
3D Plot: Enabled finger swipe (mouse click-drag) capability for figure rotation
View Additional Probability Plot: Icon added to Plot/Report menu
Report Goodness-of-Fit Description: Changed "Bad" to "Small"
Report Goodness-of-Fit Description: Changed "Very Bad" to "Very Small"
Report Goodness-of-Fit Description: Changed "Good" to "Big"
Report Goodness-of-Fit Description: Changed "Very Good" to "Very Big"

5.0CV -- 14 DEC 2015
Weibull Library: Changed menu item letter for "Clear Clipboard"
Inspect Option 1: Improved conversion from Standard Point-By-Point
Method/Input: Added "1...Point-By-Point Inspect1 ..." menu item to "Fit Method..."

5.0CU -- 03 DEC 2015
Plotting: Improved plotting of confidence bounds with 3-parameter when Scale-As-Recorded
Code Change: Sub chkdecimal moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_2A.BAS
Code Change: Sub fylprodrateout moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS
Code Change: Sub fylprodrateout1 moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS
Code Change: Sub fylusagerateout moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS
Code Change: Sub fylusagerateout1 moved from SMITH_1A.BAS to SMITH_4A.BAS
File Check: Changed so that "\\" on the front of a path is okay (for server locations)
Icon Layout: Removed option for old icon layout in Setup section
Labels Above Tabs: Added for clarity
Mouse Wheel: Capability added for data grid (by Carl Tarum)
Mouse Wheel: Capability added for number input box (by Carl Tarum)
Output Icon: Added to large plot display
Removed nuisance display of the word "Select"
Abernethy Risk: Improved forecast with Planned Suspensions
Accel. Test / Step Load: Added item "K...Random # Start Lock ... "
Confidence Menu: Changed item "V...Random # Start Lock ... " to item "K..."
Data Conversion: Improved transform from Kaplan-Meier to Inspect Option #1
Mixture: Improved storage/retrieval of data file
Outlier Test: Improved with new routines to enhance accuracy
Plot: New parameter box option for 'n/s'('o/s') display with B- or X- or RC-Values
Simulation: Added RBAmd, RBApb, RBAmu, and mleN-1 methods to Model Parameter Value
Simulation: Changed Interaction counter to LONG type
Simulation: Form header now displays Interaction counter value at intervals
Sample: Improved MC sample generation for mixtures with suspensions

5.0CT -  2 MAY 2015
Screen Resolution: Changed obvious screen resolution variables from INT to LONG type
Outlier Calc: Changed calculation variables from INT to LONG type
Double Precision to Single: Mitigated VB6 Csng() hang issue for value 2
Marker Line: Revived implementation for existing fit
Dimensions: Removed nuisance shut-down when downsizing at minimum
Risk & Optimum-Replacement: Fixed table display where there was no space between #'s

5.0CS - 17 APR 2015
Number Display: Removed error display issue with number display format (per A. Jochimczyk)
Zoom: Disconnected X-Value zoom from Y-Value zoom (per D. Keisic)
Zoom: Added icon for X-Range + Y-Range Lock on regular large plot display (per D. Keisic)
Zoom Menu: Added option to display Zoom icon added above (Yes/No)
Zoom Menu: Added icon for X-Range + Y-Range Lock
3D Likelihood Plot: Added icon to menus with Z...3D Likelihood Plot option
Method/Input: Added Z...3D Likelihood Plot to menu options
Sample/Demonstrate: Changed parameter entry to expand input options
Sample/Demonstrate: Menu reorganized for better mixture options

5.0CR - 25 Mar 2015
Button Menus: Exit now restarts originating menu to redisplay option boxes
Line Display Menu: Added option for Label Pointer Line Maximize (=Yes/No)
Parameter Box: # display agrees better with requested accuracy (per A. Jochimczyk)
Plot/Report Tabs: Enhanced display
Terminology: Clarified Plot/Report icon and tab cursor-movement messages SuperSMITH Weibull Revisions:

5.0CQ  - 19 Jan 2015

Data grid: Removed grid moving when button-menu selected
Parameter Box: Improved number display (Alfred Jochimczyk)
Parameter Box: New option to show Fit Comparison with Display of B-value, X-value, or RC-value (Alfred Jochimczyk)
mle-Interval Solution: Adjusted step-to-step change ratio to improve solution (Takushi Kitano)
mle-Interval Solution: Improved for lognormal, when initial SigF ("beta#") is too low
Method/Input: Added "T..." option to menu for tracking solution path
Report: Removed non-relevant "-9E+30" text line from Marker Line report

5.0CP - 09 Dec 2014—not issued

Icon Layout: Moved HELP... and ADDITIONAL... icons left to match SSY
List Color: Changed to match SSY
Menus: Added "Slide-Select" for improved touch-screen operation
Set Labels: Contour plot no longer changes lowercase "x" to uppercase "X"
Zoom Menu: Changed "Automatic Reset" menu item to "Automatic Total Reset"
Zoom Menu: Added icon for "Automatic Total Reset"
Zoom Menu / Add Data On Plot: <Esc> or (X) returns immediately to Zoom menu
BPR: Re-instated "Exit" icon for change point edit on plot
Calculator/Chi^2: Added [Chi^2(2D)]/2D where "D" (or "N") = degrees of freedom
Calculator: Expanded menu items for improved output choices
Equation Label: Added "3" on end when using Lognormal 3-parameter
Quality Limit Comparison: Rearranged menu for future addition of Cpk
Report: ln likelihood display for Reduced Bias Adjustment (RBA) now matches with Precise  Reading
Distribution Select: Changed "Y...Weibayes" to "U...Weibayes"
Distribution Select: Added "Y...Ybath(TM)"
Tabs Over Results Box: Enlarged vertically + added highlight for active selection
Zoom: Restored "X" box on plot for exit for menu options "C" and "D"
Installation: Program Setup1 now checks and uninstalls prior installation
Installation: Program Setup1 now will prompt to copy data files

5.0CN - 14 May 2014

BPR: Added "lock-out" messages for other options when BPR is active

BPR: Clarified plot display options for both BPR% and Eff%

BPR: Settings for plot persist upon exit from BPR menu when "Plot Format For Exit = BPR"

Data Wizard: Restored complete operation of Edit Special

Monte Carlo Confidence: Consolidated trial quantity input between SSW and SSV

Monte Carlo Seeds: Converted to 4 seed numbers and re-activated seed setting

Plot/Report: Menu item "Q...B-Value[%] Select" changed to "Q...List Select For Report"

Precise Reading: Added option "P...Marker Point On Plot For B-Value Or X-Value"

Zoom: In option E, added Marker Point At B-Value and Marker Point At X-Value

Made Revision History a main topic on help file


5.0CM- 25 Mar 2014

Color Edit: Added icon on plot for Label / Style edit

Former Results: Added capability to overlay with Active Results

Abernethy Risk: Improved forecast for Planned Replacement w/ 100% Occurrence Correction (for George Guarassi)

Abernethy Risk: Improved forecast for Planned Suspension w/ small failure probability (for George Guarassi)

BPR/Options For 1-Click Analysis: Added Option "P...BPR Parameter On Plot = Eff% or pve%"

BPR/Zoom: Added menu item "R...Range For Linear Scale Zoom

Precise Reading: Added menu item "0...Back To Parameter Select" to 2nd Menu

5.0CL - 20 Jan 2014

Data Grid: Point label editing is now allowed when Y-Value Display is active

5.0CK - 2 JAN 2014

Chi-squared routine: Nuisance iteration messages removed

Edit Special: Changed sub-menu item D... to sub-menu item F...

Set Comparison: Improved LR test results display with some data sets hidden (hidden = not considered)


5.0CJ - 04 Dec 2013

'Precise reading: qtyoccrinput#() redimensioned to at least 25.

'For inspect option 1:  Corrected occurrence quantity for sets after a deleted set (per A. Jochimczyk)


5.0CI - Skipped


5.0CH - 04 Nov 2013 (not issued)

'BPR Sensitivity: Added Eta value display in results (per Jose Wilkins)

'BPR Sensitivity: Added "Add Line On Plot" button to slider form

'BPR 1-Click: Removed option "L" nameplate line fitting unless batch processing (per Jose Wilkins)

'Files: Pop-up message added when bringing SSV file into SSW

'Inspect Option 1: Locked out only one occurrence grid entry (per Ronald Schop)

'Plot Return: Improved plot return after adding marker points or data points


5.0CG - 03 Sep 2013

Change ccc in best practice guide to PVE above 10%

Executable Name: Changed "ybath.exe" to "smithy.exe"

Interval MLE: Improved 'discovery' sequence positioning (Todd Marquart)

Probit 3 Grouped Data: Decreasing sample size now okay

Report: Added clearer wording for goodness-of-fit measure (pve% and pAD%)

Set Comparison: Clarified contour plot title for one occurrence in data set (John Smith III)

Set Comparison: Added clearer wording for amount of difference (pff-value)

Variable Usage Rate Input: Now allows "..." symbol for input

Vertical Scale Type: Added parts for each 1000 ("/K") for occurrence and reliability (Dennis Keisic)

YBath(TM) from SSW: Improved cancel of search for output file

Added SmithHlp compatibility for Microsoft kb 187553


5.0CF - 22 July 2013

Batch Run (-7 switch): Removed former B-values used from current call

Goodness of Fit: Changed Modified Anderson-Darling abbreviation from "pA%" to "pAD%"

Abernethy Risk: Added capability for hand entry of mixture solution

PFEV Step Load: Added type of fit method selected to output display

PFEV Step Load: Added to menu H...Weibull Fit for method selection

PFEV Step Load: Added to menu Y...View/Save XY Data or Function

Improved Search in help file (Jumps to found text on page)

Help topic now expands with single click

Added Help Index


5.0CE - 13 Jun 2013

File Access: Can input '.W' or '.V' file without extension entered

Batch Processing: Added -6... switch for B-values(X-values,RC-values) on plot

Batch Processing: Added -7... switch for B-values(No X-values, No RC-values) in report

Batch Processing: Added -8N and -8P switches for whether negative values are allowed

Batch Processing: Removed alphanumeric letter options A,B,C,W for -iX switch

Batch Processing: Added alphanumeric letter options A,B,C,W to new -jX switch

Data Input: Now allows input of ">0<#" input for a discovery (converts to discovery)

5.0CD - 23 Feb 2013

Improved YBath compatibility


5.0CC - 22 Feb 2013

New algorithm improves access speed to help file. Fixed non-US functionality issues.


5.0CB - 22 Jan 2013

BPR: Reinstated fit line and marker line tracking when files are merged (for Paul Barringer)

Dimensions: Removed cause of nuisance subscript message (for Juanjo Mindeguia)

Mixture [BATCH] Detect: Changed threshold for Comparison #3 from 90% to 60% (For Ronald Schop)

Mixture [BATCH] Detect: Changed wording of 'Results' to 'Estimate' (for Ronald Schop)

Mixture [BATCH] Detect: Removed automatic beginning BATCH check for every data set

Risk-Abernethy: Improved Planned Suspension for large removal quantities

Risk-Abernethy: Renewal + Planned-Suspension allowed at same time (for Claudio Ligorio)

Test Requirements: Probability Of Acceptable Results more robust for large 'r' ratio

MTBF: Can enter own acronym for expected occurrence interval (for Larry Tyson)

Language: Improved robustness of Eta, Beta, t0, and Mtbf naming

SSHelp program updated for other regions


5.0CA - 30 Nov 2012

Automatic Data Order Caution: Moved menu item from Start Lock Options to Setup Menu

BATCH PROCESSING: Reinstated -zX1_X2_Y1_Y2 zoom set functionality

Abernethy Risk: Now bypasses additional replacement when planned replacement is active

Abernethy Risk: Increased robustness of warranty limit calculation to allow zero aging

BATCH Processing: Added -4x switch for Plotting Position Type (rr, br, mr, hr, nr, kr)

BATCH Processing: Added -5x switch for Data Display Type (n/s, o/s)

Barringer Process Reliability (BPR): Upgraded Zoom option F and removed Zoom option G

Grid Label Box: Added designation of "Y-Value" when Y-Value display selected

Gumbel Distribution: Clarified error message for meaning of Negative Value

Menus: Added more option boxes for menu items

PFEV(Step-Stress): Improved import of step-stress sequence

PFEV(Step-Stress): Locked out alternate solution for B-Value

Test Requirements: Streamlined input/output code

Test Requirements: Put Test Type into Menu heading

Help file now attempts to display damaged help file instead of stopping.


5.0C - 20 Sep 2012

Set Label Edit: Removed possibility for "Label 0" edit

Data Grid Display: Added option to show/hide Y-Values for Weibull program in Setup Menu

Plot Display: Probability scale label text now does not change if importing SSV file

Test Requirements: Re-instated solution for finding test item quantity given time and reliability


5.0BZ - 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

Languages: Changed name from "Default" to "Default English [American]"

Plot Label Characters: ",", "X", and space " " are now decoded from temporary file save

Abernethy Risk: Added "Now" to Present Risk terminology

Abernethy Risk: Improved Robustness for extremely large suspension values

File Load: Automatic recalculate activated for non-FF files

Goodness-of-Fit: Added option to hide when using regression for Weibayes-type solution

Goodness-of-Fit: Added "O" in front of fit label if correlation is only for linear data trend on scaling

Label Save: Improved robustness

Likelihood Solution: Added logic in derivative estimation to improve robustness

Plot Label Characters: The ",", the "X", and the space " " are now coded for temporary file save

Test Requirements: Improved additional usage section ("Fulton" and "Wang")

Goodness-of-Fit: Added "O" in front of fit label if correlation is only for linear data trend on scaling

Zoom Menu: Added menu option "G..." function to menu option "F..." (Removed option "G")


5.0BY - 5 MAY 2012

Help File: New comprehensive HELP released for 5.0BX version

Help File: Changed name of "Flow Chart" to "Best Practices Guide"

Help File: Easier SSW and SSV access to Best Practices Guide (Analysis Wizard - Flow Chart)

Abernethy Risk: Reinstated ability to choose pre-set usage rate options (D, H, M, Y)

Zoom: Added point label option to view point as point value instead of symbol

Risk (Abernethy): Changed number separator (delimiter) from "," to ";" for easier use in Europe (per R. Schop)


5.0BX  - 21 Apr 2012

Chi-Squared: Added chi2choose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

Chi-Squared: Added chi2CDFchoose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

Chi-Squared: Added chi2DOFchoose subroutine to select between Chi-Squared methods

Confidence Menu: Changed "S...Single Set..." to "I...Single Set..."

Confidence Menu: Added "S...Set Comparison / Difference Indication

Export: Improved output for Data List To Clipboard

File Input: Improved automatic report analysis of multiple data sets

Former Results: Green checkmark now activates

Interaction (MC): Added information about decreasing error to output

Mixture SSW: Automated recalculation for new method selection

Mixture SSW Batch Indication: Removed adjustment to mle slope

Set Comparison: Added more "Additional" information in report

Setup Start-Lock: Moved menu items "G", "H", and "L" inside Zoom / Hide Options item

Three-Parameter (t0): Added start-lock for scale type (AR / NAR) in Setup

New version of YBATH mixture software

New Help file

New Flow Chart for decisions about how to use data


5.0BW-7 Apr 2012

Data Import: Improved import of text files

File Input: Added automatic report analysis of multiple data sets (per Todd Marquart)

Goodness-Of-Fit: Anderson-Darling pA% added to report for mle (when active)

Method/Input: Reinstated ‘Inspection Option 1’ method to remain selected after initial choice


5.0BU-23 Dec 2011

Warranty Import: Modified data paste import algorithm to allow all zeroes in top row
Warranty Import: Modified data file import algorithm to ignore labels in top row
Weibayes Calculation: Reverted to allowing confidence for single occurrence data sets

5.0BT-13 Dec 2011
Abernethy Risk: Improved result after deletion of Planned Suspension

Chi-Squared Function: Improved accuracy with routines by Carl Tarum



5.0BR - 30 Nov 2011

Abernethy Risk: Time adjustment for warranty limit with output intervals less than months (per R. Schop)

Test Planning: Clarified Test Requirement menu wording for items D and E

Three Parameter Weibull: Restriction added for t0 solution with discovery-type data values

Weibayes Eta: Removed conflicting option for mmle (requested by N. Mihaylov)


5.0BQ - 25 Oct 2011

Abernethy Risk: Improved extended range calculation for Planned Suspensions [req. by Charlie Bonnen]

Automatic Data Files Load: Removed to avoid nuisance error message [Carl Tarum]

PFEV Common Slope: Improved clarity of output for sparse data

Probability Plot: Changed display of interval data when multiple [req. by Todd Marquart]

Quality Limit Comparison (6-Sigma): Improved output for Cpk values up to 2.75 [req. by Dennis Keisic]


5.0BP - 15 Oct 2011

Abernethy Risk: Improved results for 100% Occurrence Correction

Demonstrate/Sample: Added type I suspension capability for single set simulation

HELP File Access: <F1> key accesses custom HELP file

HELP File Search: "Eta" and "Beta" and other distribution parameters added

Information Display: "Big" information display expanded and readability improved

Message For No Tools: Clarified explanation for no Tools availability in special circumstances

Network Operation: Improved installation plus file storage/retrieval on network drives

PFEV: Extrapolation allowed for S/N Curve

Special Characters - Not For Text: '{' and '}' characters reserved for batch processing

Weibayes Beta Same Each Set: Improved Robustness

Weibayes Eta (for all distributions): Removed confidence calculation from pure mle solution

Weibull Library: Added option for Failure Mechanism causes per Dan Daley

5.0BN – 1 Jul 2011

‘Abernethy Risk: Removed input data adjustment…3-parameter results improved [for FAA]

‘Abernethy Risk: Removed RBA Adjustment for grouped data (overestimates present risk)

‘BPR: new Option “L” automatically fits Nameplate Line through any % point

‘Method Change: Removed automatic change of data type for method change

‘Method Interval-MLE: Improved solution precision for Weibull


5.0BM – 28 Jun 2011

Softcopy Total Report (and Standard Report): Tab lineup improved

Data Grid: Improved Data Wizard selection range

MLE Solution: Improved robustness for interval mle


5.0BL - 1 Jun 2011

'Zoom/Point Symbol Display: Added 'Slow Point Display' option to menu

'Batch Detection: Simplified 3rd (automatic) test to a non-parametric comparison

'MLE Solution: Restored a former solution process for more robust solution


5.0BK - 15 May 2011

'Former Results Menu: Changed "Hide" to "Delete"

'BPR: Added batch processing entries for (A)2nd-Fit%-Point & (B)RI ( -2_X_Y_Z_A_B)

'BPR: Added multi-distribution default slope values for automated options

'BPR: Added Total Loss display in output

'BPR: Rearranged interactive and 1-Button output display for clarification

'BPR: Removed nuisance "Set Maximum" message from plot fit operations

'BPR 1-Click: Added 'RI (Reliability Index)' display option for Input

'BPR 1-Click: Extended capability for percent range of data points

'BPR Zoom: Added cost-rate-per-production-unit option in Zoom menu

'BPR Zoom: Changed so Automatic Reset does not un-hide standard fit line

'BPR Zoom: For Zoom menu ... Added U...Extended Options to toggle between Standard and Extended

'Calculation: Improved Weibull-Beta-to-Lognormal-SigF transform

'Calculation: Improved Lognormal-SigF-to-Weibull-Beta transform

'Distribution Analysis: Added capability for Normal with Life Equations

'Partial % Mixture (BATCH) Detect: Improved accuracy

'Precise Reading: Removed nuisance change of selected set upon <ENTER> or <ESC>

'QLC: Added option for long term Cpk[1.5] together with short term Cpk[0]

'QLC: Improved menu sequencing to speed access

'Sample/Demonstrate: In Special Monte Carlo, added Monte Carlo Type "Sample From Distribution"

'Risk/Abernethy: Reduced display of parameter mismatch message

'Risk/Abernethy: Added O...Abernethy Additional Input Range


5.0BJ - Intermediate Version - not released


5.0BI – 22 Jan 2011

Label Edit: Label-only filename saved to configuration file

Plot: Point colors can now be assigned according to point label

Plot: Point symbol rendering adjusted for stronger outlines

Plot/Report/Table Tabs: Added A…Activate Plot (or Report) to menu

Warranty: Expanded alternate orientations (MOP-MIS, MIS-MOP, MOP-MOA, MOA-MOP, etc.)

Warranty: Improved import of data with blanks

Additional SuperSMITH®: added (for 1 data set or more V…View Additional Probability Plot …

Batch Detect: Added comparison #3 with likelihood ratio

Data Input: Clarified data entry type descriptions

Plot Display: Set label, n/s still shon when no analysis possible (1 occurrence with ran regression, etc.)(Marquart)

Weibayes Icon Menu: Defaults to 63.21206% confidence when no occurrences


5.0BH - 24 Nov 2010

Label File: Separated from retention of data file name

Plot/Report/Table menu: Clarified options

Quality Limit Comparison: Now has option for cPk as well as PPM

Report Tab (top of results box): Now accesses Plot/Report/Table menu

Abernethy Risk: Coordinated all variable sequence input menus

Abernethy Risk: Improved correlation between different output ranges

Abernethy Risk Menu: Clarified analysis units

Abernethy Risk: Calibrated present risk with/without future planned replacement

Test Planning: Extended to non-life situations (e.g. tests for sufficient elec. current per German Mojica, Aerocivil

Three-parameter (t0) Solution: Added double precision for improved accuracy

Three-parameter (t0) Solution: Clarified input menu and selections

Weibayes Confidence for Zero Failures: Nominal estimate changed to median estimate


5.0BG - 9 Oct 2010

DEMO: Input data alteration magnified

DEMO: Only one program needs to unlocked for all to be unlocked

Data Grid: Synchronized display of selected data points before/after screen re-size

Menus: Highlighted selected menu option box choices with capital letters

Precise Reading: Expanded capability to read from marker lines

Abernethy Risk: Re-organized output display to make results clearer and more consistent

Abernethy Risk: Improved calculation for Scheduled ('hard') Replacement

Abernethy Risk: Now tolerant to negative value entry for Production and Planned Suspension

Abernethy Risk: Improved risk solution for Weibull 3-parameter model

Abernethy Risk: Improved designation of time for 60 year forecast plot

Auto load: Improved automatic program start and file load for selection just from file list

PFEV Accel. Testing: Solution more robust for extraploation to New Variable Value

PFEV Accel. Testing: Reduced bias solution improved for Lognormal, Normal, and Gumble models t0 Solution: Removed possibility for mle solution for t0 when using rr fit method

5.0BF - 2 Aug 2010

Zoom: Added a menu selection for X-Axis value standard scientific format (1E+6) or (1000000)

Zoom: Moved items (Suspension + Discovery ..., Plot Side Symbol ...) to Point Symbol Display menu

Label/Style Edit: Added Line Edit Icon (Next To Symbol Edit Icon)

Accelerated Testing: Made it easier to change between rr and mle solution types

Confidence Menu: Clarified both Fit Method and Fit Comparison entries

Confidence: Removed nuisance message for Assurance calculation

Confidence: Removed unnecessary re-calculation for pv Monte Carlo confidence

Method/Input: Added menu item V...Value Start [VS] Input For Parameter [mle Only]

Plot: Removed indication of "No (/ Select)" for confidence if no confidence selected

Report: Clarified indication of solution parameters

5.0BE - 10 Jul 2010
DEMO: Curves now smooth for auxiliary plots (LR Contours, Abernethy Risk, & Optimum Replacement)
File Name Reset: Auto program launch resets filename
Analysis: Improved robustness of display for very small samples
File Name: Removed file name retention if sample data is activated
Mixture Menu: Clarified partial % affected (BATCH) Y-Scale selection
Plot Size: Restricted to fit closer to data (w/ and w/o suspensions)
Test Requirement Menu (Initial): Clicking on checkmark now goes to standard menu
Weibayes (Equation Menu): Expanded to Weibull 3P and Lognormal distributions
Zoom (Line Intersection): More robust for Gumbel distribution

5.0BD- 7 Jun 2010
Labels: Improved high-resolution aspect ratio of label boxes for first file load
Menus: Removed appearance of selection boxes after selection is made
Abernethy Risk: Clarified the terminology used for the menu selections
Abernethy Risk: Added 100% Occurrence Correction for New Renewal / Production Item
Calculator/Confidence: Improved sample size estimate for likelihood ratio test of difference
Confidence: Added W...Dimension [d.o.f.] For Likelihood Ratio Method to menu
Confidence: Adjusted the Justified Likelihood Function (JLF) for milder contour adjustment
Display of Suspensions: Improved for Gumbel, Normal
Method: Improved likelihood solution robustness for Gumbel and Normal with suspensions
Test Requirements: Added option for test type ... time-based or value-based
Test Requirements: Clarified menu options
Test Requirements: Improved test menu for Gumbel+ distribution
Test Requirements: Added option R...r ... Ratio Estimate Of (Life Capability) / (Life Goal)

5.0BC – 15 Mar 2010
Clipboard: Improved robustness for sending text to the clipboard
Drop-down Menus: Increased width for language changes
HELP File: Improved system finding of file locations
Opening Screen (About): Clarified lower button
Plot Grid: Added option for Grid Line Size Lock in Label/Style selection and in menu for plot line type selection
Zoom: Fit line hide (points still visible) more robust
3D Likelihood Plot: Added Button for Change Type (View Location or Function Location)
Data Input: Suspension entry more robust with respect to subsequent export
Gumbel: Improved mle solution for data sets with large suspension quantities
Gumbel Upper: Improved 3D likelihood Plot for this distribution
Lognormal: Streamlined mle solution for data sets with suspensions
Mixture: Added Batch Detection requirement for minimum 20 occurrences and 20 suspensions
Mixture: Added Batch Detection direct link to View Additional Plot requested by Ronald Schop
Probit: Confidence limits on parameters added for beta-binomial confidence – mean (lo, hi) not showing for regr
Sample: Clarified menu for type of suspensions in sample data sets
Weibayes: Clarified selection and display of which method (rr or mle) used for solution

5.0BB - 20 Jan 2010

Batch Processing: If brackets, [...], are omitted, software will linger after analyzing data file

Data Cut/Copy: Improved speed and added an indication of progress [for Marquart]

Data Import: No longer inserts zeroes automatically for spaces

Data Import: Warranty format input now allows blank entries (for zeroes)

Font Select(Labels): Improved ease of font change

Label Edit: Improved set label placement on plot immediately after label edit finish

Random # Generator: Switched to Carl Tarum's routine

Significant Figures: Improved for very large and very small numbers [for Barringer]

Start-up (Information) Screen: Made existing icons active (formerly only images)

Zoom Menu: Added selection R...Precise Range For Linear Scale Zoom (does not round)

3D Likelihood Plot: Duplicated option in Plot/Report choices (also in Precise Reading)

Batch Detection: Added to Mixture Analysis Options (requested by Ronald Schop)

Calculator: Added choice for contour test to Set Comparison / Difference Indication

Data Entry: More robust for single occurrence data sets

Dimensions: More robust for Monte Carlo simulation

Marker Line: Improved selection of line and limited quantity of marker lines to 12

PFEV(Step): Set # displayed when entering step/stress sequence

Set Comparison: Improved analysis for very small data sets

Weibayes Menu: Added Weibayes Report selection to show Input and Output of analysis

Ybath(TM) Activation: Clarified exit process at top of SSW program when Ybath is active


5.0BA - 10 Sep 2009

All Source Code: Substituted all 3rd-party code with native Fulton Findings code

Active Results Tabs: Normalized placement of second tab for all resolutions

Data Input By Keyboard: Now asks whether to display point label on plot for 1st-time entry

Data Wizard: Added Data Wizard button to data grid

Data Wizard: Improved user interface for point label edit

Data Wizard: Improved set label edit

Drag-Drop: Replaced slow moving programming language routines with fast Fulton Findings routines

Drop-Down Menu Items: Changed menu order to better agree with icon placement

Icons: Increased size of data grid icons when grid is full screen

Language: Changed Spanish word for "Print" to "Impression"

Menus: Normalized mouse location metrics for more robust operation in all resolutions

Point Labels: Improved user interface for editing and displaying some or all of point labels

Precise Reading on Plot: Improved number display

BPR Menu: Total Production Sensitivity calculation improved

BPR 1-Click Automatic Fit: Improved identification of selected points by % input

BPR 1-Click Automatic Fit: Warning added when dimension change needed to add marker line

Confidence Menu: Okay button (checkmark) now produces same as A...Activate in menu

Interval-MLE: Improved robustness for interval-only data without much data-to-data variability

Label Edit Parameter Box: Removed option to show Mu and Sig on Plot for Weibull and Gumbel

PFEV: Improved label for line at new value(s)

PFEV: Improved standard error calculation

PFEV-Step-Stress: Improved ease of entry for step-stress sequence

PFEV-Step-Stress: Improved plot of line fornew values(s) of engineering variable(s)

PFEV-Step-Stress: Improved response to data change

Precise Reading: Enabled reading of marker lines 2 and above especially for PFEV

Rank Table and B-Value List: Improved display of values close to 1

Sample/Simulate: Improved robustness of MC sample results storage

Test Requirements: Simplified menu, added notes, and clarified menu items

Test Requirements: Expanded possible range of values entered for B-Value % and Reliability

Test Requirements: Improved accuracy of calculation for non-Weibull test planning

5.0B - 28 May 2009
BPR: Added menu option for Total Production Sensitivity ... Estimate For Input Change
BPR: Removed menu option for Total Production Display ... now always displayed
BPR: Added Nameplate Production and Production Effectiveness to output
Demonstrate/Sample: Improved robustness and organization of Special MonteCarlo Simulation
Demonstrate/Sample: Special MonteCarlo (MPV-Type) now includes median results
Demonstrate/Sample: Special MonteCarlo (MPV-Type) output options expanded
File Load: Increased robustness for loading with small set quantity
Method: Added Reduced Bias Adjustment Median+ (RBApb) from Paul Barringer
Method RBApb for Beta: Adjusted C4 power from 3.5 to 3.52 per Paul Barringer MC Results
Method RBApb for Eta: Added C4 power of -0.217 per Paul Barringer MC results

5.0AZ - 31 Mar 2009
Main Screen: Icon layout simplified and organized for more logical layout
Main Screen: Removed nuisance message occurring during resize
Menus: Added option buttons to selected menu choices
Plot Color Select: Lock Change By File option added to exclude color choices from data file
Zoom: Plot point display options expanded to include display of points with specific point labels
Zoom: Plot point display start lock improved
Zoom: Improved Point Symbol Type entry with new icon on plot edit screen
Batch: Improved BPR automatic analysis
BPR: Added pve% (goodness of fit) for fit of selected points
BPR: Moved BPR icon to main screen and removed from Mixture section
BPR: Analysis expanded to 12 sets at a time (if no Nameplate analysis)
BPR: Added 1-Click analysis capability
Label Edit: Added symbol icon for edit of point symbols
Mixture Menu: Simplified and implemented numbers for activation selections
Normal Distribution: Switched to more precise calculation routine from Carl Tarum
Solution: Removed indication of solution for 1 data value if no slope given
Zoom: Added value display for vertical-scale cursor location during marker point addition

5.0AY - Intermediate Version for development

5.0AX - 15 Jan 2009

File Access: Removed old-style file dialogue box
Normal Distribution: Changed to more precise estimates programmed by Carl Tarum
Batch Processing: Added BPR solution with -2_X_Y_Z inputs on command line and [Bx] outputs
BPR: Automatic solution for reliability point improved by solving at last crossing point
BPR: Color of BPR confidence line can be linked to data set color
BPR Zoom: Added option to hide standard set labels, only showing line labels
BPR Zoom: Added option to put all text analysis results simultaneously into clipboard
Data Grid: Switched to VB6 for programming and new MSFlexGrid for grid object
Dimensions: Expanded marker line quantity to 24 maximum (minus active data set quantity)
PFEV: Improved display of fit line for suspension-only data set when common slope used
Test Planning: Added option for Sudden Death Test Time (% Of Full)

5.0AW - 6 Dec 2008

Goodness-of-fit (g.o.f): Added column to plot parameter box when using mle for fit & AD g.o.f
BPR: Added visibility of std. dev. in parameter box (but only when in BPR menu)
BPR: Added designation of parameter box location in BPR zoom menu
BPR: Default now is 8.3 of top points for nameplate line Option K fit
BPR: Default now is 25 for Beta for nameplate line Option K fit

5.0AV - 28 Nov 2008

DEMO Version: Added note on plot DEMO ONLY - DATA ALTERED
Dimensions: Expanded to eliminate nuisance Out Of Range message
File Save: Simplified files access routines and especially automatic load of sample data
BPR: Added fit line thickness option for BPR Zoom
BPR: Removed reliability-from-confidence in Production Line options (already in Change Point)
BPR: Added visibility of calculated reliability in parameter box (but only when in BPR menu)
Dimensions: Maximum data set quantity on same plot increased to 12
Dimensions: Maximum marker line quantity is now compliment of data set quantity (up to 20)
PFEV: Immediate update of analysis for standard PFEV when fit method is changed
Plot: Simplified the X-axis and Y-axis automatic numbering

5.0AU - 15 Nov 2008
Capability: Compatible with recent new revision of IEC-61649
Information Display: Reset default to Tooltips with Select Display
Abernethy Risk: Changed nomenclature for upper / lower bounds in menu and output
BPR: Added % of upper data fit for production line
BPR: Added % of upper data fit for nameplate line
BPR: Added option to find reliability by intersection between data and production line lower bound
Confidence Menu: Clarified options
Interval-MLE: Note added for changing to/from discoveries/intervals on automatic data sequence change
Label Input: SSV Y-Axis no longer over-writes existing SSW label
Partial % Affected (3P): Minimum allowable % affected (batch) based on highest occurrence plot position
Point Representation: More robust for suspension display when 1st point is a suspension
PFEV Menu: Clarified options
Step Stress: Marker Line label clarified when B-Value parameter previously selected for regular PFEV
Vertical Plotting Position: Removed extra adjustment for Bernards approximation for a 1-point plot
Vertical Plotting Position: Removed extra adjustment for binomial method
Vertical Plotting Position: Improved location of supension points (when shown) for frequency table input

5.0AT - 25 Aug 2008
Value Entry Box: Clarified function of selectable item
Total Picture: Menu item re-instated for switching negative-or-positive display of suspensions
Accelerated Test (Fit): More robust for data sets with only suspensions
Accelerated Test (Plot Line At New ... Value): Default engineering variable is last entry
Confidence: Initializes all X-Values to avoid nuisance misplot due to previous use of different method
PVE% and CCC: No longer quantity-adjusted for Probit2 and Probit3, while Kaplan-Meier still adjusted
Risk: Improved display for Abernethy Additional Estimates when RBA1 method is selected
Step-Stress: Improved wording about single-load solution naturally giving lower slope than multi-load data

5.0AS - 8 Aug 2008
Start Lock: Now includes Point Symbol Type

5.0AR – 25 Jul 2008
ACH Plotting: Returned ability to evaluate suspensions for plotting of the actual data
Batch Mode Processing: File name shown on plot if this setup option was previously chosen
Data Wizard: Changed E...Delete Special to E...Edit Special
Data Wizard: For E...Edit Special, Added T...Occurrence Only Change To Suspension
File Access Error Message: More details like ... FILE-NAME, PATH, EXPLANATION
Icon Select: Improved icon click response
Information Display: Added option in HELP menu for Big Information Display (Big Letters)
Information Display: Added option in information menu for Big Information Display (Big Letters)
Information Display: When magnified also shows data grid selections
Software Name: Standardized on SuperSMITH(R), officially registered name
Software Name: Changed acronyms to SSW (Weibull), SSV (Visual), and SSY (Ybath)
Warranty Format Import: Now allows blank cells in source data to represent zero occurrences
Zoom: T...Point Side Symbol Display menu item changed to U...
Zoom: Added menu item T...Suspension + Discovery ... Plot Display = Yes / No
Zoom: Menu item T... available to select for change even with no data
Abernethy Risk: Enabled 0...None / Reset entry for Planned Suspension Expected
Abernethy Risk: Table output for SSW plot coordinated with range selected
BPR: For Nameplate Line ... added input type I...Plot Point Fit With Upper Data Point (simplified version of H)
BPR: For Nameplate Line ... added input type J...Plot Point Fit With Additional Upper Point on Production Line
Confidence: Message improved about method mismatch between lr confidence and rr fit
Distribution Analysis: Improved presentation of comparison method [req. by Anthony Cerra, FAA N.E.]
Input: Improved robustness for suspension data pasted from clipboard and method changed from standard to interval-mle
Plot Vertical Axis: Value-label zig-zag pattern (for readability) more stable

5.0AQ - 22 Mar 2008
Batch Processing: The -L option (run, file-load, linger) was change to -h (hold)
Batch Processing: The -yffffffff option (library item save option) was changed to
Batch Processing: Added -1_E_X_Y option to create a marker line, E=Equations, X=Location, Y=Scale
Batch Processing: Added [zc], [zp], and [zfxxxxxxxx] options for Precise Reading
Batch Processing: The -xV option (V is some value) was added for input of a horizontal axis value
Batch Processing: The -yV option (V is some value) was added for input of a vertical axis value
Precise Reading: <Enter> returns to main menu now
Zoom: Hide option (Yes / No) returns to main screen now
Risk (Abernethy): Discovery and interval type probability also doubled for RBA present risk
Risk (Abernethy): Method expanded to handle data values significantly higher than median
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5.0AP - 5 Mar 2008
Abernethy Risk: Added Abernethy Additional Estimates for MTBF, RATE, AVAL, and T-vs-O
Calculator: Changed MTTF to MTBF for Option Q...With Planned Renewal
Confidence (lr): Removed nuisance subscript out of bounds indication
Data Import: Made probit method more robust to single column data entry
Rank Table: Automatically rounds up/down to closest significant figure
Setup: Changed name of option T...Anaysis Distribution Equations to E...Distribution Equations
T-zero Solution: Option M...Method For Finding t0 ... mle result now more robust
Weibayes: Solution line can be automatic even if there are no occurrences

5.0AO - Skipped This Version # because of confusion of 0 and O

5.0AN - 25 Jan 2008
Distribution/Program Name Box: Improved location and sizing for different screen resolutions
Monte Carlo: Default random # seed changed to 3939889 (was 3979771) for wider default spread
VISTA(Microsoft) Operating System: Added more automatic help information
Batch Processing: Added true report output format for Abernethy Risk and Optimum Replacement
Batch Processing: Improved confidence estimation and distribution analysis
Plot Y-Scale: Options to show fractions (Occur and Not Occur) instead of percent
Risk Outside Interaction Correction: Added percent-type input
Risk Production and Additional Usage / Test Time: Changed menu options A and B to C and K
Weibayes (Green Label): Re-instated regression solution option
Weibayes (Green Label): Regression through a single-data occurrence point added
Weibayes (Green Label): Added special regression solution (Y-vs-X)
Weibayes (Green Label): Added pure mle solution option as well as median mle solution

5.0AM - 23 Oct 2007
Drawing Line On Plot: Improved number display box locations to avoid cursor on top of box
Files: More robust for spaces in file names
Calculator <Student Version>: Reinstated Chi^2
Data Import: Added Stacked-type format ... X-Value  Point-Quantity  Suspension-Type  Point-Label
Data Wizard: Added Data Sorted By Point Label (for Stacked-type Import)
Distribution Analysis <Student Version>: Reinstated
Method/Input: Clarified menu choices
Method/Input <Student Version>: Removed K...Likelihood Ratio Minimum from menu choices to simplify
Method/Input <Student Version>: Reinstated pve% option for Regression Fit Comparison + Display Type
Plot/Report <Student Version>: Reinstated pve% option for Regression Fit Comparison + Display Type
Test Plan <Student Version>: Reinstated with 3 test items maximum and 1 allowable failure maximum

5.0AL - 5 Sep 2007
Batch Processing: DEMO does not accept input data without altering
Batch Processing: Activated -u option (version on results) by rearranging subroutine call sequence
Batch Processing: Added option -g to set Regression Fit Comparison + Display Type (r^2, pve%, pA%)
Label Edit
Modified mle: Removed intermittent refusal to convert for lognormal
Three Parameter: Partial % Affected robustness improved for change of method
Weibull Library: Clarified activation choices menu items
Weibull Library: Added 1...Instantaneous Item Save
Weibull Library: Removed activation choices menu choice N (n/s always saved with item now)
Weibull Library: Combined activation choices menu choices T and U into one choice T
Weibull Library: Added choice N...None ... Reset / Clear for compatibility to other menus
Weibull Library: Added choice X...Exit for compatibility to other menus
Weibull Library: Changed item save menu choice Z to choice N for compatibility with other menus

5.0AK - 18 Aug 2007

File Save: Extension .w added automatically to FF filenames saved from WSW (if no extension specified)
Zoom: Improved location of intersection points for large suspension quantity

5.0AJ - 7 Aug 2007
Variable Usage/Production: Now can use comma or period for delimiter as appropriate

5.0AI - 26 Jun 2007
Text File Import: Improved import with commas and spaces
Batch Processing: Can specify 3 parameter solution with 3 or 3AR after -e option on command line
Batch Processing: Can specify Weibayes analysis with -e option (method must be mle) with Beta input
Batch Processing: Can specify modified mle method with -m2(#) options ... # = 0, 1, 2, 3
Confidence Menu: Improved clarity and operation for MC trial size
Three-Parameter: Automated solution for early suspensions
Three-Parameter: No positive t-zero solution allowed if discoveries in data set

5.0AH - 21 May 2007
Batch Processing: Added option -u to put version info on plot and report
Zoom: Right mouse click returns to main screen
Confidence: Removed additional shift for Gumbel+ fm method
Confidence Contour: Added B-Value vs. Beta capability
Interval-MLE: Discovery type data counted for RBA solution
Marker Line: New option in menu (similar to Zoom item), Add Line By Plot (Click + Drag)
Set Comparison: Added capability for probit pff-Value
Set Comparison: Improved user-inteface and clarified terminology
Zoom: Changed terminology from Add-On-Plot to Add-By-Plot

5.0AG - 2 May 2007
Confidence (pv): Removed nuisance message about not enough data when suspensions are present
Dimensions: Default is now 10 sets x 2400 entries to start

5.0AF - 1 May 2007
BPR: Extended the total loss calculations to grouped data format (probit, KM)
Data Grid Entry: Removed nuisance restriction blocking change from suspension to occurrence
Confidence(pv): Removed nuisance repeat of dimension limit statement
LR Contours: Added FF lr test difference indication to plot title
Marker Line: Changed terminology to this instead of Only Line
Marker Point: Changed terminology to this instead of Special Point
Marker Line Point Entry: Negative for Gumbel & Normal now okay even when negative <> suspension
Present Risk (Now): Removed original method for calculation ... now only uses double failure effect
Weibull Library: Removed nuisance entry of -9.123E+32 upon cancel
Weibayes (Equation Label): Removed rr capability for solution for improved clarity in results
Weibayes (Icon): Added menu item for putting line on plot upon activation

5.0AE - 12 Apr 2007
Color Sequence: Revised default color sequence for points/lines
Input Data: Improved data type recognition
BPR: Extended the loss calculations to grouped data format

5.0AD - 2 Apr 2007
Results To Clipboard: Removed nuisance notification that output did occur
Language (English): Replaced Buyer with Consumer
Language (English): Replaced Seller with Producer
Menus: Analysis reset option standardized to N...None ... Reset (located just before X...Exit)
Scaling: Log scale numbering expanded in highest scale
About Dialogue Box Display: Removed nuisance reset upon activation
Accelerated Test: Improved analysis for large suspension quantities
Calculator: Moved A...Anderson Darling to D... Anderson Darling
Confidence: Removed nuisance message for LR confidence on interval-mle data
Confidence: Improved smoothness of LR confidence for very small data sets
Export Results: Streamlined output for option F...Save Parameter Only To Clipboard
PFEV for Probabilistic Miners Rule: Moved R...Reset to N...New
PFEV: Removed lock-out of standard data plot confidence bounds
Risk Titles: Put Abernethy Risk first and then Quantity Expected
Test Requirement: Added Producer Risk and Consumer Risk to output
Test Requirement: Added Additional Item Test Time (per Julius Wang)
Test Requirement: Expanded and clarified display
Test Requirement: Swapped test requirement K and L choices to agree with handbook notation
Test Requirement: Added link to Life Remaining (from Calculator)

5.0AC - 3 Mar 2007
BPR: Improved handling of results for multiple data sets
PFEV: Changed Probabilistic S/N Curve to Probabilistic Miners Rule
Risk: Analysis Type now defaults to Standard (was Former)
Risk: Analysis Type RBA option removed

5.0AB - 21 Feb 2007
Data Entry: Update to ensure correct entry of occurrences and suspensions
Plot: Update for better line plotting near lower left axes point

5.0AA - 15 Feb 2007
Confidence: Added Likelihood Value Grid
Demonstrate/Sample: Removed nuisance program stoppage at parameter input

5.0A - 6 Feb 2007
File Line Input: Improved robustness with additional end-of-file check
Icons: New look for icons for better recognition
BPR: Zoom Select-On-Plot allows multiple resizing before returning to menu
Confidence: Improved robustness of new lr solution calculation for regression fit
Confidence: Improved accuracy of standard PFEV confidence using LR
Goodness-Of-Fit: Implemented Carl Tarum’s updates to Dr. Bobs CCC model
Goodness-Of-Fit: Updates to Dr. Bobs CCC model verified by Paul Barringer
Goodness-Of-Fit: Implemented Carl Tarum’s updates to Wes Fulton’s pve model
PFEV: Selection option for S/N scale orientation
PFEV: Simplification/separation of menu options
PFEV: Standard error for PFEV fit automatically shown in PFEV results
PFEV: Step-Stress parameter confidence expanded and improved
Sample/Simulate: Improved robustness of changing distributions

4.0WX - 14 Dec 2006
Mixture/BPR: Moved icon back to main screen

4.0WW - 10 Dec 2006
Plot Color Yes/No: Simplified choice from Plot/Report menu
Abernethy Risk: Improved Next Expected Occurrence for RBA output
Data Type Display: Now using >< for interval symbol display
Data Type Display:Suspension display okay now for inspect option 1
Library Save: Moved Weibull Library icon to main screen
Method Change: Removed nuisance file message and replot of additional analysis data
Optimum Replacement and Risk: Removed nuisance output display with numbers too far apart

4.0WV - 14 Oct 2006
Data Import: Improved consistency of Point Label input
Grid Label: Added " _ Point Name" to data format description
Method/Input: Improved ease-of-use for selecting mle unbias method
Date Format: Added Year-Mo-Day format
Nomenclature: Removed "Prediction" from Precise Reading section
Accelerated Test (PFEV): Improved capability for viewing B-Values on S/N Curves
Critical Correlation: Improved normal/lognormal values for N = 3 to 30
Data Import: Improved robustness of data input especially for warranty data
Setup: Weibull Library selections now have drop-down options (from text files)
Special Monte Carlo Simulation: Added MPV capability for t0, r/LL, B-Value-1, B-Value-2
Plot Display: Option for display of suspension and discovery data on plot
Plot Display: Improved display of Interval-MLE data on plot
Prr Display: Improved consistency of display for set delete
pve Adjustment for W2P: New pve values based upon latest research
Remaining Life Analysis: Added capability in Calculator section

4.0WU - 11 Jul 2006
Batch Processing: Report B-value list now as selected by user (saved in .INI file)
Calculator: Added Mixture Expected Occurrence Ratio to Interactions (Mode A vs. B)
Confidence: Pivotal MC confidence can save parameters as well as r and LL
Confidence: Random number start lock put in menu (not prompted each time)
Critical Correlation: Improved values for Weibull 2-parameter for N = 3 to 30
Demonstrate/Sample: Added Mixture Expected Occurrence Ratio to Interactions (Mode A vs. B)
Weibayes: Added capability for very large suspension quantities

4.0WT - 21 Jun 2006
Zoom: Clarified selection menu for At Value
BPR: Default quantity for Calculator Y-Scale value set to actual quantity

4.0WS - 14 Jun 2006
Selection Dialogue Box: Improved return to previous selection for <ESC> or Close
Zoom Dialogue Box: Clarified which entries not yet entered

4.0WR - 13 May 2006
Data Sort: Improved robustness for interval-mle type data
Equation Change: Removed nuisance mle modified message for normal distribution selection
Library Item Save: Clarified confidence output for parameters
Method/Input: Changed the default LRM to 50%
Method/Input: Clarified choices for normal distribution mle-modified
Method/Input: Improved robustness of automatic recalculation
Rank Table: Improved display of data type
Special Monte Carlo: Removed restriction that sample distribution = analysis distribution

4.0WP - 3 May 2006
Help: Added analysis comment capability
Batch Operation: Added save picture/report as bitmap file
Color Choices: Added option for same for all points and lines
Color Choices: Standardized and clarified color dialogue box
Output: Added save picture as bitmap file
Zoom Menu: Simplified F... At Value data entry
Calculator: Added Anderson-Darling goodness of fit
Demonstrate/Sample: Special Monte Carlo simulation options added
Distribution Analysis: Added Anderson-Darling goodness of fit
Import: Warranty data transform improved for warranty limit
Method/Input: Added Likelihood Ratio Minimum for Distribution Analysis
Plot/Report: Added Anderson-Darling goodness of fit
Rank Table: Improved output to display plotting position values for suspensions
Risk Analysis: Improved robustness for production with planned replacement

4.0WN - 1 Mar 2006
Demo: Enhanced notice of altered input data
File: Removed input capability for very old (DOS) format
Point Labels: Enhanced capability
Set/Line Labels: Attached end of pointer line to plot grid value
Temp Files: Added title names
Zoom: Refined location of additional line on plot
Confidence: Clarified method part of menu
Method/Input: Clarified input data type selection
Normal/Gumbel Distributions: Negative value designation does not change if data present
Optimum Replacement: Added option to display lower cost output only for plot
Risk Analysis: Made output more robust for all distributions
Student Version: Removed access to WSV for Risk and Plot/Report options
Test/Additional Usage: Refined output when no production is present
Weibayes: Clarified message for icon ... Not For Grouped Or Interval Data
Ybath Results in WSW: Improved display of log likelihood for MLE solution
Zoom: Scaling automatically includes single point data (even with no fit line)

4.0WM - 27 Nov 2005
High Suspension Count: Improved consistency of calculation
Data Entry/Import: Automatic recognition of grouped data import (in FF format)
Data Entry/Import: Improved robustness of data acceptance
Prediction/Precise Reading: Improved consistency of high resolution display

4.0WL - 11 Nov 2005
Data Entry/Import: Improved data quantity capability (esp. for micro-electronics)
Data Entry/Import: Added import capability for point labels
Data Export(Hardcopy/Softcopy): Easy row and column export to clipboard
Data Wizard: Added point quantity merge (change multiple entries to frequency entry)
File Input: Restore of Chr$(13) when depleted for small files
Icon Selection Display: Icon borders get lighter when cursor moves over them
Icon Follow-Box: Improved descriptions
Setup: Removed unnecessary options from menu display
Setup: Returns to menu after selection with display of choice
Setup: Does not double option for point quantities past maximum
Setup: Sample File Copy choice presented immediately after installation
Zoom: Added X-Range and Y-Range Lock Start
Calculator: Removed H... and L... options to consolidate to I... option
Confidence: Improved probit confidence icon display
Data Import/Entry: Automatic option to change to interval-mle or grouped data
Data Type Display: New option for o/s (occurrence quantity/suspension quantity)
File Save: Clarified caution for saving loaded WSV file as WSW format
Method: Removed different modified mle results for Mixture, Distr. Analysis and Predict
Method: Clarified naming for fit method choices
Method: Reset standard rr fit to X-on-Y for Inspect Option #1
Only Line: Not deleted upon Weibull-2 to Weibull-3 change
PFEV: Improved beta confidence display and output
PFEV: Improved display of data and curve fit with WSV
PFEV: Improved storage/retrieval of step-stress results
PFEV: Improved robustness of step-stress results
PFEV: Only line for untested value shows fit type
PFEV: <ESC> key stops lengthy step-stress calculations
Predict: Added B-Value list and X-Value list outputs
Report: Improved tolerance to large Eta values
Risk: Added import capability for variable usage/production rate
Risk: Improved automatic conversion of variable usage/production rate
Risk: Added Outside Interaction Correction Ratio for helpful/detrimental seasonal effects
Sample: Added I...Interaction (like in calculator)
Test Requirements: Added U...Usage Time to Demonstrated Capability
Weibayes: Clarified confidence indication (WBm = Weibayes using modified mle, 0 = mle
Weibayes: Removed "mle" from option title
Warranty Data Input: Warranty Limit for Input Ages (no failures/time after warranty)

4.0WK - 10 Mar 2005
Additional: Removed video launch button
Language/Currency: Moved menu item A...File Name On Plot, to K...
Setup: Starting menu is general
Zoom: X-Range + Y-Range Lock At Value improved
Calculator: Mean to Eta conversion more tolerant to zero input
Confidence: pv method more robust
Interval mle: Solution for small data sets more robust
Predict: Return to predict menu from results upon <ESC> for only line
Library: Added menu options D,U,V to allow appending library items to output
Lock: Clarified lock for method, etc.
Method: Automatic Conversion of Probit data to Interval mle data improved
Method: Added G...Fit Type For mle Modified and removed dialogue box
Method: Added J...Input Type Inspect Sample to Sample = Difference or No Difference
Method: Interval MLE - now can select with standard data
Plot/Report: The n/s designation adjusted for Difference or No Difference in Grouped Data
Risk: Added RBA for forecast to address small population issues
Risk: Added RBA1 for looking only at occurrence expectation
Risk: RBA adjustment now for both forecast and present
Risk and Optimum Replacement: Improved response to <ENTER> key for menu
Setup: Activate or Exit in menus goes back to start of Setup
Softcopy Total Report: Rank Table output limited to 300 points due to clipboard restrictions
Subroutine: Renamed "suspns" to "allptcount"
Suspension: Automatic ranking for same-valued suspensions and occurrences more robust
3-Parameter: Find-Optimum off response clarified

4.0WJ - 1 Oct 2004
Batch Run: Clarified display for input suggestions
Data Wizard: Added point labels (especially for S/N info)
Label/Style: Added caution for saving of labels only
Library File Save: Now does not change default data file name
Menus: Replaced parenthesis with alternate punctuation for clarity
Zoom: Added H...X-Range + Y-Range Lock Reset To Former
Accelerated Test: Added Y...View XY Data + Function With WSV
Batch Processing: Improved execution for -iX command
BPR: Changed BPR Zoom to special functions only with return to BPR
BPR: Precise reading on plot now returns to BPR
BPR: Added H...Start New Change Point List With Each Edit = Yes/No
BPR: Vertical label defaults to Reliability
Calculator: Made eta-to-mean calculation double precision for std. dev.
Confidence: LR contour display more consistent after data change
Confidence: LR contour save/view improved
Method Change: Added automatic conversion capability for probit-to-intv5(mle)
Mixture Analysis: Ybath activation changed ... added special menu
Optimum Replacement: Length-of-view and block-replacement saved with file
Regression: Y-on-X now standard for both Inspect Option#1 and Grouped
Regression: pve% display consistency enhanced
Small Data Sets: Clarified message about Weibayes and mle analysis
Sample/Demonstrate: Added early, late, and internal type suspensions
Warranty Import: Default method is now Inspect Option #1

4.0WH -  7 Apr 2004
Confidence: Added menu item for Save Contour/Simulation Data
Confidence: Removed Save Contour/Simulation Data prompt for pv and lr confidence
Confidence: Improved contour robustness for probit lr method
Precise Reading parameter select: Changed letters of basic options E,I,L to Q,R,Z to avoid conflict
BPR: Nameplate colors same as Production colors for Same As Data Set option
Equation Label: Added 3-Parameter Weibull
Sort: Improved for high starting data values to avoid nuisance Beta < 0 message

4.0WG - 17 Mar 2004
File Access: Improved tolerance for bad file name entry
File Access: Improved input of former files
Data Import: Improved consistency of .PRN file import
Data Import: Improved robustness of Paste from clipboard
Plot symbols: Improved consistency of symbol rendering on plot
Standard message box: Improved response for <ENTER> key
Batch-Run: Added capability to automatically load label file
Zoom: Removed Point Symbol Automatic? prompt for Zoom reset
CCC and PVE%: Improved accuracy for large data sets and Inspect Option 1 (W2P & N/LN)
Plot/Analysis: Increased suspension quantity allowed
Risk: Added lower/all-affected options for Wauben suspension quantity adjustment
Weibull Library: Added memory for filename of single item save
Weibull Library: Added memory for titles of user-selected comment fields
Demonstrate/Simulate/Sample: Clarified sampling from mixture
Demonstrate/Simulate/Sample: 100% suspension sample okay
Method/Input: Improved clarity of menu selections
Confidence: Removed truncated message for pv (when low mc trial quantity selected)
Mixture Analysis: Improved fit type display for file save/load

4.0WF - 25 Jan 2004
Set comparison: Improved consistency of results for all fit methods

4.0WE - 12 Jan 2004
File: Network file access improved for standard files
File: Added former file list to file drop-down and setup
File: Added get last .tmp results to former file list
Additional probability plot: Added occurrence/suspension histogram
Data export: Alternative for saving data without x in format
Risk analysis: Added term Wauben Modified to option Z
Risk analysis: Set selection does not reset automatically for option Z
Data input: Automatic option to convert to interval-MLE
Outlier test: Improved accuracy and clarified rewording of output
MLE: Improved solution for Gumbel and lognormal
Interval-MLE: Improved repeatability for value scale changes
Interval-MLE: Improved sorting of duplicate values
Test requirement: Allowed confidence input less than 50%
Accelerated test: Automatic label edit for added data set
Confidence: Added lr confidence and contours for probit data
Confidence: Added indication of completion % for lr and pv
Calculator: Added MTTF calculator for renewal
Plot labels: Multi-line automatic word wrap for longer note on plot
For the SuperSMITH version (SuperSMITH Weibull + SuperSMITH Visual + SuperSMITH
YBATH) software

4.0WD - 9 Nov 2003
- Setup file copy: Removed additional dialog box
- Set Comparison & Distribution Analysis: Improved ease of use for mle fit method
- Quantity expected: Added the word, expected, to appropriate menu entries
- Confidence: Improved pv confidence for mle fit method

 4.0WC - 1 Nov 2003
- Risk: Clarified change in forecast range effect on production/usage sequence
- MLE-Interval: Improved solution for large numbers
- Setup: Reinstated key-press for language/currency menu
- Calculator: Added MTTF with renewal calculation (and inverse)
- PVE%: Improved display for file input with Inspect Option #1
- Sort: Robust system workaround to avoid register page fault for large data sets
- Parameter box: Added option to change location
- 3-parameter: Added upper limit options

4.0WB - 20 Sep 2003
- Files: Changed default output format to HTML
- Files: Added data file format selection to Setup/File-Copy icon
- Files: Moved open/get/import merge/no-merge selection to Setup/File-Copy icon
- Files: Moved .tmp file retrieval to Setup/File-Copy icon
- Probabilistic S/N curve: Improved accuracy and ease-of-use
- Method/Input: Automatic conversion of point-by-point data to probit format
- Demonstrate/Sample: Revised probit and KM sampling
- Correlation: Revised probit and KM pve% calculation
- Likelihood: Improved calculation accuracy for probit data
- Confidence: Higher precision possible for pv/mc calculations
- Risk: Added option to adjust fit-line solution for suspension proportion effect
- Risk: Revised designation of planned replacement (A) and (F)
- Risk: Added percent affected to planned replacement
- Risk: Usage rate and production rate past 5 years more robust
- Risk: Clarified parameter and data set selections
- Data wizard: Added swap with quantity for x-value and y-value transform
- Hardcopy: Printing orientation change process clarified

4.0WA -12 Jun 2003
-BPR plot: Improved color consistency for plot labels and parameter info
-3D Likelihood plot: Added Help message
-Set comparison: Clarified output language
-Demonstrate/Sample menu: Clarified language

 4.0W  - 19 May 2003
- Display accuracy: Easier to set
- Special points: Not shown for import with transform
- Add line on plot: Slope value displayed during line selection
- Plot labels: Clearer near plot borders
- CDF calculation: Improved robustness in tails
- Risk: Clipboard output more robust

 4.0V   - 28 Apr 2003
- Automatic data order comment: Only started in setup
- Zoom: Added entry/delete of special point on plot to D...add-data-point-on-plot
- Weibull library: Added option to save library text line to clipboard
- Risk: Mixture equations used when mixture analysis is active
- Risk: Interval calculations improved for range > 60 months
- Risk: Clipboard text output now only sequential
- Risk: Clipboard text output for each month for range > 60 months
- Risk: (<>) after parameter display indicates mismatch for data set solution
- Risk: Improved results message for no suspension case
- Risk: Added L...Start Lock For New Analysis
- Risk: Added Z...Suspension Quantity For Analysis
- Risk: Menu item A is now Activate, item D combines parameter and data select
- Opt. repl.: Menu item A is now Activate, item D is parameter select
- Batch risk: Added present risk type, output range, and planned repl. Type
- Mixture: Allows higher percentage of points for first mechanism (90%)
- Calculator: Allows beta > 1000 for eta/mean conversion and cv calc
- Method: Easier transition from Insp1 to RBAmd
- Point hide: Improved plot indication of method, confidence, fit, and data size

4.0UC - 18 Mar 2003
- Improved ease-of-use

4.0UB  - 11 Mar 2003
- Data list: Added simpler output to clipboard
- Point quantity: Added automatic merge capability
- Zoom: Added plot line size of Maximize+ (thickest)
- Auxiliary WSV plot: Added indications of WSV start-up
- Failure forecast: Improved consistency of results past 60 months range
- Automatic data order: Added cancel to sort/analysis
- Confidence: Simplified pv confidence
- Step-stress: Added note (original slope will always be too big)
- Rank table: Improved display of data type (occur., >, <, interval)
- Data grid: Improved response to double click of green arrow
- 3D likelihood plot: Improved indication of resolution limits
- t0 solution: Clarified effect of low data values for other data types
- Data wizard: Quantity transform (~) rounded to nearest integer > 0
- Interval mle: Improved description in Help file

4.0UA - 1 Feb 2003 - Interim Version To Improve Performance

4.0U    - 19 Jan 2003
- Hardcopy/Softcopy: Improved printer orientation selection
- Data-Import: Improved recognition of > and < in first lines
- Data-Import: Improved recognition of data with first row labeling
- Program Label: Added additional access to Visual software
- Step-Stress: Improved accuracy and robustness of solution

 4.0 T – 6 Dec 2002
- Additional WSV plots: Improved interface for lines-only plots
- Main screen: Different colors for WSW and WSV analysis labels
- Zoom: Added Point-Sequence to Plot Symbol Type
- Calculator: Increased upper limit of Beta to 1000 in mean-to-eta and eta-to-mean
- Barringer process reliability: Improved entry and retrieval of change points
- Risk: Added delay capability for start of new parameters for replacement parts
- Risk: Improved usage of new parameters for replacement parts

4.0SD  -15 Oct 2002
- User interface: Updated

4.0SC  - 19 Sep 2002
- Import: Allows top row with non-numeric information
- Setup: Lock for color by set sequence (automatic) or by data / line
- Setup: Start lock for data point hide (additional probability plot)
- Help: Simplified access to Analysis Wizard (Flow Chart)
- Help: Improved access to Contents page
- Help: Clarified program organization with Icon Map - Software Tour
- Zoom: Added interval mle calculation for partial % affected
- Barringer process reliability: Choice for production line color to track data color
- Report: Added coefficient of variation (Cv%)
- Calculator: Added coefficient of variation (Cv%)
- Risk: Improved output for small data sets and small usage rate
- Point-by-point vertical position: Added Blom and Kaplan-Meier
- Only line: Improved user-interface for line delete
- Confidence: Added automatic point-by-point method select (single set only)

4.0SB  - 13 Sep 2002
- Setup: Added Weibull library icon
- Color selection (Setup & Labels): Color by set sequence (automatic) or by data / line
- Setup: Added line hide default choice to Start Lock

4.0SA  - 20 Aug 2002
- Data grid: Improved data handling robustness for set delete
- WeiBayes icon: Default confidence set to 50%
- WeiBayes icon: Confidence level remains at last choice for session

4.0S     - 30 Jul 2002
- Legend: Reinstated legend label to graph
- Additional uncertainty: Choice linked to file contents upon retrieval
- Confidence: Monte Carlo method robustness improved
- Confidence: Likelihood ratio method for small values improved
- Barringer Process Reliability(BPR): Removed fit line unhide after probit fit on graph
- BPR: Production line for each set (add/remove)
- BPR: Nameplate line for each set (add/remove)
- BPR: Reliability and change points for each set (add/remove)
- BPR: Rank value item added to menu
- BPR: Precise reading item added to menu
- Zoom: Partial percent affected item for batch analysis added to menu

 4.0R   - 8 Jul 2002
- Plot symbols: Added set sequence (1,2,3 . . . or A,B,C . . . )
- Test requirements: Improved report output options
- Step load: Added limits for p variable
- Step load: Improved solution convergence
- File save: WIN/DOS icon reinstated for compatibility with older software
- Point size: Added midsize and very large options
- Barringer process reliability: Default to midsize points
- Plot parameter display: r^2-ccc^2 agreement with report improved
- PFEV: Added solution for same beta each set
- Marker lines: Added capability for up to 10 marker lines
- Regression correlation: Improved accuracy of calculation
- Failure forecast output: Improved consistency

4.0PA, PB, PC - 14 Jun 2002
- Improved existing capabilities with easier user interface

4.0P     - 28 Feb 2002
- Accelerated Test: Step-stress data analysis added
- Accelerated Test: Improved storage of equations
- Calculator: Poisson and Gamma expanded
- Gumbel +/-: Reset for sample data
- Confidence: Total (Additional) Uncertainty capability
- Parameter Box: Items lined up
- Probit: Confidence for Normal and Gumbel negative values improved
- Risk: Added Q...Planned Suspensions
- Risk: Improved/expanded time interval change interaction
- Test Planning: Added Step-stress accelerated test sequence
- Zoom: Fit Line Display Truncated (Yes/No) added
- Zoom: Find intersection enhanced
- Zoom: Added X-Scale Value Display (Minimum/Maximum)

4.0O    - Not issued because of confusion between zeros “0” and the letter “O”

4.0N    - 15 Jan 2002
- P-value estimate (pve%) added
- Critical correlation coefficient (ccc) improved
- pmle-value removed
- Sample data loading improved
- Vasan-Fulton former usage to test ratio simplified

4.0M   - 1 Dec 2001
-Fit function display improved
-Warranty matrix conversion enhanced
-Line only (marker line) from 2 points improved

4.0L    - 1 Nov 2001
- Plot display of r^2 improved
- Warranty matrix conversion for Kaplan-Meier improved

4.0K    - 3 Oct 2001
- Redimension - improved indication for point quantity > maximum
- Plot label output for R-C display improved

4.0J     - 15 Aug 2001
- Data Wizard - added merge capability
- Hardcopy/Softcopy - added EXPORT nomenclature
- Export to clipboard - added parameter values
- Batch processing - improved confidence
- Confidence - fm confidence modification label more consistent

4.0H, I - Intermediate versions

4.0G    - 17 Jul 2001
- Plot/Report Menu - added submenu for selection
- Plot labels - added half character length for italics
- Direct to main screen after first session
- Data Wizard - improved response to total set question
- Printing - improved plot output for note, labels and border
- Batch Operation - improved output especially to printer
- Rank Table - shows 'susp' for suspension instead of y-value
- Report - display of 3-parameter p-value after pv confidence
- Allow save of suspensions only
- Method/Input - Reset resets WeiBayes to Weibull
- Risk - added G...Precise Decimal Display option
- Removed duplication of set #2 parameters upon file loading
- Method/Input - Minor rearrangement of menu plus icon separators
- Risk - Added time value of money to cost display
- Three-parameter - Improved on-graph edit
- Test planning - added Acceptable Results Probability calculation

4.0F     -20 March 2001
- Improved overwriting with new versions
- Allow file type setting with -L on command line
- Improved import with commas
- Added system busy indicator for 3D plotting
- Added description for set comparison output
- Improved WeiBayes selection
- Improved equation selection with label
- Improved t0 interaction with equation label
- Added full 3-parameter confidence for pv confidence
- Added ability to save correlation values for pv confidence
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4.0E    -1 March 2001
- Persistent data with redimension
- Reinitialize file name upon getting former results
- DEMO to FULL memory enhanced
- Added edit key function to large data grid
- Improved 3D plotting
- Exit from BPR defaults to BPR style plot
- Improved Failure Forecast for planned replacement > char. Value
- Added Confidence menu and Method/Input menu
- Equation label interaction improved especially for WeiBayes with few failures
- Hourglass indicator activated for 3D plot

4.0D    -12 December 2000
-Added Italian language file
-Added additional language file capability (general)
-Removed property value 380 message
-Improved HPGL interface  
ßfor more HPGL & HGL details see

4.0C    - 04 December 2000
-Added exponential and Rayleigh choices to WeiBayes in Setup
- Improved additional set file input for set quantity > 5
-Added transform for changing between grouped data methods
-Improved message for no large data set pv confidence
-Improved probability plot rank value entry
-Added y-value column to probit/km rank table

4.0B    - 29 November 2000
-Deleted reference to WSV for marker line only display (no data)
-Lengthened fit line for normal with small sigma

4.0A    - 20 November 2000
-Added extreme value distribution
-Simplified confidence selection
-Improved Accelerated Testing, PFEV, and Probabilistic S/N curve
-Improved Zoom icon
-Improved data import
-DEMO to FULL file copy capability
-Changed name of PFEV to Accelerated Test
-Pull-down menus enhanced
-Y-axis label toggles between side-by-side and stacked
-Risk confidence changed to Weibayes
-Increased accuracy of normal approximation with Dick Petschauer
-RBA now risk calculation by Dick Petschauer (w/ideas from Dr. Bob and Wes)
-Improved range lock input in zoom
-Updated batch operation
-Added security to DEMO-to_FULL code saved to disk
-Highlighted risk confidence indication in red
-Added Quantity to resent risk display
-Added Vasan-Fulton former usage ratio to 3-parameter icon
-Added different distribution for replacements to risk analysis
-Added A…all, and F…expected only to planned replacement
-Changed to internal 3D likelihood presentation
-Added nr confidence to lognormal (no suspensions)
-Improved upper/lower confidence for parameters
-Added Probability Plot (Y-Axis) Rank Value to calculator
-Added quantity transform to data

3.0Y    - 6 April 2000
- Clarified suspension quantity input
- Simplified R-C calculation for set quantity > 1
- No file name display on plot after point edited
- Additional 3-column import format (qty, F/S, Time)
- Risk usage and production rates now have 3-parameter (w/t)) distribution
- Risk with scheduled replacement improved for no renewal
- Improved batch distribution analysis
- Changed exponential equation choice to WeiBayes
- Clarified exit from distribution analysis
- Added X & Y scale lock (zoom) for batch processing

3.0X    - 29 February 2000
- Added Fin-Intersect to Zoom menu
- Added RBA factor for median results
- Expanded terms for FM Weibull confidence
- Clarified import with commas
- Clarified toggle choices
- Distribution analysis returns to set choice
- Added jump directly to Zoom menu from Barringer menu

3.0W   - 02 February 2000
- Clarified Barringer Process Reliability
- Removed nuisance message for mc & pv confidence
- Improved lr and fm confidence robustness
- Improved data wizard handling of suspension changes
- Reduced total report memory requirements
- Improved B-value percentage selection
- X-values rounded on X-axis
- Vertical plotting position choice now saved

3.0V    - 20 Oct 1999
- Total Report option added
- Recalc for repeat selection of Normal equations
- Reinstated sqr() back to sig1 and sigF1 calculation
- New plot resets data grid to set 1 point 1
- File name and software version on results capability
- Data wizard transform (only x-axis)
- PFEV plot labels can be edited

3.0U    -20 August 1999
-Reinstated Inspect Option #1 fitting
-Improved reset of initial parameter values for Risk and Optimum Replacement
-Increased accuracy of stored values for parameters
-Added View additional probability plot-WSV output to clipboard to plot/report
-Confidence contour output combines all contours into one file
-Changed WeiBayes 50% confidence wording to No
-Removed items B and C from Barring Process Reliability input menu

3.0T     -9 August 1999
-Improved Optimum Replacement and Risk input
-Improved batch processing
-Improved distribution analysis output
-Improved Mixture analysis output

3.0S     - 17 July 1999
- Improved batch processing capability
- Improved Barringer Process Reliability interface and added B.P.R to Mixture Label
- Added Probabilistic S/N Curve to Parameter as Function of Engineering Variable
- Added confidence capability to Abernethy Risk analysis
- Added WinSMITH(TM) Visual plot of risk and optimum replacement results
- Added prompt for changing distributions in Distribution Analysis
- Improved agreement between HPGL output colors and standard colors on screen
- Added data wizard functionality

3.0R    - 17 June 1999
- Reinstated batch operation
- Improved mc & pv confidence, sets # 2 and above
- Inspect option #1 can now convert to/from mle method directly
- Changed C4 estimate for N=1 from 0.5 to 0.6
- Revised WeiBayes menu to show latest calculation before menu entry
- Revised WeiBayes default confidence to account for frequency table

3.0P     - 7 May 1999
- Clarified risk analysis input selections
- Clarified test requirements input selections
- Corrected Chi^2 array for d.o.f. of 20 and p of 5%
- Rearranged subroutines for new programs
- Reinstated predict option for only lines

3.0N    - 22 Apr 1999
- Clarified risk analysis input selections
- Clarified test requirements input selections
- Revised and expanded Barringer reliability
- Removed nuisance message for MLE routine (no failures)

3.0M   - 27 Mar 1999
- YBath(TM) access from any path location
- Improved convergence of MLE routine
- Report shows page sequence indication
- Added exponential to calculator menu
- Improved data grid paging
- Added point size selection in Barringer menu
- Improved test planning initial slope value entry

3.0L    - 16 Mar 1999
- Added capability for individual fit line display on/off
- Added Barringer Process Reliability calculation
- Added Justified Likelihood Function (JLF) contour capability
- Reset to standard method also resets regression axis
- More tolerant to right mouse click when adding new sets/lines on graph
- Beta < 0.07 triggers limits to plot lines vertically to maintain better fit
- Large values of Eta put back into engineering notation
- Improved L.A.N. unlocking of DEMO to FULL
- Can now toggle display of <LOG> on x-axis for zoom on/off

- Added only line capability to Zoom/Hide add line/set option
- Improved Abernethy risk description in Help file

3.0J     - 1999 Feb 14
- Implemented RBA factor and improved c4 calculation
- Output directly to printer fixed at Courier 12
- Three parameter menu correctly shows t0 solution method choice
- Added caution note for distribution analysis w/ < 20 occurrences
- Report output to clipboard can be ASCII output or graphics output
- Added text note capability on plot

3.0H    - 1999 Jan 04
- Improved array dimension capability for max. # of marker lines
- Added C4 computation routine
- Risk analysis distribution entry for usage rate and production rate

3.0G    - 1998 Dec 03
- Added precise reading on plot capability in prediction menu
- Added set-/-line-on-plot capability with cursor position indicators in zoom menu
- Added set-/-line-on-plot point quantity and precise / random type in zoom menu
- Added enter-point-on-plot capability to zoom menu
- The word FROZEN replaced with the word LOCK in zoom menu
- Reorganized code so that only 2 of 19 files are custom (others are common)
- Improved robustness of interval mle calculation
- Removed the word EQUIVALENT from set comparison results
- Easier output for set comparison results

3.0F     - 1998 Nov 13
- Improved multi-variable capability PFEV analysis
- Added Sica-Luko correction in Test Requirement section for sudden death testing
- Improved arrangement of hardcopy/softcopy menus

3.0E    - 1998 Nov 1
- Added graphic Delete/Cut/Copy capability to Zoom menu
- Added plot side symbol display to Zoom menu
- Previous results mini-graphs can now be re-clicked to recall data
- Message box now details options for mini-graph recall
- Extended data grid for hi-res display
- Added sum type for random point interaction
- Improved mixture analysis for normal and lognormal data
- Streamlined likelihood evaluation for normal and lognormal analysis
- Increased precision of risk analysis output

3.0D    - 1998 Oct 1
- Extended icon tool bar side-to-side for high resolution
- mixture report p-value display sequence same as set comparison

3.0C    - 1998 Sep 14
- Changed Svensk language to Svenska in Program
- Changed PFEV solution for common slope to weighted geometric mean
- Added mle solution for probit and Kaplan-Meier

3.0B    - 1998 Sep 5
- Compatible with WinSMITH(TM) Visual 3.0B
- Added Espanol language capability
- Added Svensk language capability

3.0A    - 1998 Sep 1
- New DEMO to FULL unlock password coding
- Individual limits on decimal significance (in Setup) now for general, life, and slope
- Set comparison only for sets not hidden (with Zoom)
- Improved large sample accuracy for critical correlation coefficient (ccc)
- Added third parameter to demonstrate/sample simulation
- Ensured that report parameter low and high confidence display follows set deletion

2.1B    - 1998 JUL 8
- Clarified production rate and usage rate variable input for risk analysis
- add significant figure control to B-values and X-values displayed on plot

2.1A    - 1998/6/30
- Expanded display of now risk value
- Added set label edit capability to the data grid
- Added warranty length (mos) and warranty length (x-units) limits to risk section
- Added planned replacement to risk
- Added variable usage rate and variable production rate to risk (seasonal)
- Added password accessibility to convert DEMO to FULL version
- Added mean (occurrence sum) to report and predict sections

2.0Z     - 1998/5/30
- Added Windows Printer (HI-RES) hardcopy output option
-Renamed standard bitmap output to Windows Printer (WYSIWYG)
- Added line = minimize/maximize to Zoom menu for plot line thickness
- Improved labeling on HPGL hardcopy output
- Added Additional File Path for improved access to additional FF programs
- Improved risk output accuracy for Kaplan-Meier method
- Added Normal nr confidence method and removed nc confidence method
- Clarified set comparison output by putting FF p-value first and biased mle second
- Also improved terminology of set comparison output with Equivalent Confidence

2.0Y    - 1998/4/21
- Compatible with WinSMITH Visual 2.0Y

2.0X    - 1998/4/14
- Added more detailed explanation of batch capability
- removed nuisance message for very large data sets

2.0W   - 1998/3/30
- Added limit correction option to warranty data analysis

2.0V    - 1998/3/24
- Reinstated okay button for calculator
- Improved HPGL output
- Improved correlation and distribution analysis for data quantity = 2

2.0U    - 1998/3/12
- Removed okay button from calculator and hardcopy/softcopy menus
- Improved fault tolerance of font selection
- Revised terminology on plot to r^2-ccc^2 for critical correlation display
- Allow negative values for only line when -=<0 selected for normal distribution

2.0T     - 1998/2/10
- Font Selection and Color Selection added for plot output
- German translation added
- Added improved icon information choices (+ tooltips, +none)
- Significant figures selection added to setup/language/decimal section
- Added three dimensional plot capability for likelihood function
- Test requirements clarified
- Added suspension capability with precise sample selected
- Improved binomial calculator capability
- 3D log likelihood plotting added

2.0S     - 1998/1/12
- Enhanced compability with YBath(TM)
- Demo capability
- File list update improved
- Conservative p-value (pff) used on graph for WinSMITH(TM) mixture

2.0R    - 1997/12/02
- Added tabs on active results window for switching between plot and report
- Clarified report and predict options for mixture analysis
- Updated YBath(TM) icon to icon from Bathtub Software (TM)
- Modified file save format to include WSV parameters

2.0P     - 1997/11/21
- Improved maximum lognormal likelihood function convergence

2.0N    - 1997/11/17
- Display of r^2 label on plot now not only when Ybath activated
- Display of n/s clarified to indicate current data instead of latest mixed mode result
- Ybath correlation changed to r^2

2.0M   - 1997/11/10
- Interface for YBath(TM) mixture analysis from Bathtub Software, Inc.
- The t0 (third parameter) solution for either rr or mle method (rr default)
- BiWeibull enhancement in for mixture analysis
- Access to AVI video files provided
- Both Beta (sig, sigF) and eta (mu, muAL) solutions for PFEV
- Option to lock the start sequence for mc/pv confidence to get repeatability
- Exponential lock for Weibull (beta = 1)
- Added eta-to-mean into calculator section

2.0L    - Prototype for version 2.0M

2.0K    - 1997/9/30
- Added risk capability for interval mle
- Added mean-to-eta into calculator section
- Set comparison now displays likelihood values
- French translation file added

2.0J     - 1997/8/28
- Decimal operation for FF data files improved
- Monte Carlo Pivotal (pv) confidence method added

2.0H    - 1997/8/2
- Decimal operation improved
- Gamma function convergence improved
- Dauser shift capability added
- Monte Carlo (mc) confidence method added
- Time gage and <ESC> key exit added to probabilistic analysis
- Label placement stabilized
- P-Value correlation added with mc confidence
- Point symbol automatic/big/small added

2.0G    - 1997/7/9
- Import capability improved
- Imbedded data sets

2.0F     - 1997/7/7
- Import capability expanded:
- warranty data import and analysis (inspect or Kaplan-Meier)
- column data can be X-value, Occurrence Quantity, Suspension Quantity
- column data can be X-value, Occurrence Quantity, Sample Size
- column data can be multiple sets
- import can be either from clipboard or from ASCII file
- improved data display for probit/km when changing methods
- Parameter As Function Of Engineering Variable
- allows common slope or not
- rank regression or mle solution of common slope
- easy save of XY data and function data
- Batch processing improved
- Language capability improved
- Test/ binomial calculation until sufficient accuracy (esp. 95% cum/conf.)
- Risk/Optimum-Replacement plotting easier

2.0E    - 1997/3/31
- Log Likelihood values for predict/precise readings improved
- Distribution analysis uses maximum likelihood (mle) techniques for mle method
- Report shows maximum log likelihood values

2.0D    - 1997/3/26
- Added double precision to PFEV section

2.0C    - 1997/3/20
- Reorganization of data grid display especially for probit and KM

2.0B    - 1997/3/15
- Interval maximum likelihood capability expanded and improved
- File list update immediately upon change
- Highlighted command button selected with <ENTER> key
- Optimum replacement steady state failure rate, replacement rate and MTBF added
- Optimum replacement highlighted in table with red color
- Added start lock feature to preselect equations and method upon startup
- Added confidence limits on mean value in report
- Initialization file common with other software
- (2.0B data grid display needed reorganization --all purchased 2.0B replaced w/ 2.0C)

2.0A    - 1997/2/25
- Language and currency selection added
- Regional decimal symbol recognition added
- Point-by-point interval analysis with mle method (first easy-access implementation)

1.1R    - 1996/12/23
- Text file input more robust
- Clipboard input more robust (notifies user if too big)

1.1P     - 1996/12/4
- Added interactive curve label pointer line
- SigF <= 1 not allowed for lognormal only line input
- Curve label position more stable

1.1N    - 1996/11/25
- Moved negative data value definition from setup to method/input
- Added set selection buttons in WeiBayes, Distribution analysis & Single set confidence

1.1M   - 1996/11/15
- Likelihood ratio confidence plot display more robust
- Added 1/Beta power to WeiBayes lower confidence with failures
- Clarified PFEV
- Added Windows printer & clipboard buttons to first hardcopy/softcopy menu
- Can now automatically annotate curve label for prediction output

1.1L    - 1996/11/7
- Import of ASCII file data more robust
- PFEV clarified and more robust

1.1K    - 1996/10/25
- Added mean rank, binomial, and Nelsons plot rank methods
- Added safeguards for selecting fit method for probit data input
- Grid line edit improved for Normal distribution
- Method/Data-input terminology and codes (displayed on plot) clarified
- Added non-integer expected value for Poisson
- Added confidence lock (remembers confidence configuration)
- Improved file input from BW
- Improved import of ASCII file without skipping
- Added parameter as function of engineering variable PFEV (for accelerated testing)
- Improved robustness of likelihood ratio confidence
- Now shows plot=on/off, report=on/off and table=on/off for clarity
- Changed wording of B-value selection to a specific B-values
- Added built-in word wrap for printer object (not done by Windows) to avoid crash
- Added .HGL to wording for saving FF picture file to assist in file name selection ßfor more HPGL & HGL details see

1.1J     - 1996/9/25
- Added access to Windows Calculator
- Added factor to test-length terminology in test requirements
- r now not forced to 1.0 while finding best t0 with frequency table
  entry for point quantity above 2 (1.1G,1.1H and 1.1I affected,
  all purchased copies upgraded)

1.1I      - 1996/9/15
- Added more batch capability (probit 3-column text file input)
- Added risk analysis for probit and Kaplan-Meier (KM) data
- Changed cut/paste format to make more general
- Changed INTERVAL to GROUPED for probit and KM

1.1H    - 1996/9/3
- Added partial distribution (tail-comparison) to strength-load interaction, etc.
- Reorganized button display for confidence and eliminated OK button in places
- Removed possibility for flicker for fast video or high resolution video
- Removed possibility for same software to appear in Additional (+...)
- Histogram from file entry clarified
- Added more detailed batch capability

1.1G    - 1996/8/12
- Added next expected occurrence to Risk
- Graphics to Clipboard sequence time can be changed
- Removed flicker possibility for mouse moves (except dragging)
- Added selection to label/style section to choose grid lines
- Clarified n/s in results for frequency table entry
- Point-quantity-2 adjustment to r so that r always = 1 for quantity 2

1.1F     - 1996/8/7
- Report setting of b-values separated from selecting report
- Added Strength-Load Interaction and Life-Usage Interaction to Calculator

1.1E    - 1996/7/31
- Retrieval of file after using FF Additional button improved

1.1D    - 1996/7/19
- Display accommodates Win95 status bar at bottom of screen
- Improved input for risk option for easier use of WeiBayes
- Command line now specifies paths for configuration (.INI), and temporary (.TMP) files
- Added random point comparison for 2 different distributions (convolution, interference)
- Okay button now activates results for Optimum Replacement and Risk

- Can find best t0 now with maximum likelihood method
- Filename display updates immediately after saving file
- Image object used for opening screen (instead of picture object)
- Highlight in grid more stable with size changes
- Only line # 2 can be turned off individually
- Zoom improved below 10% occurrence
- None button added to text input box
- Plot parameter style input improved

- Probit and Kaplan-Meier confidence at any level
- Prompt to confirm exit upon <ESC> from main screen
- Now checks whether file save is to existing file
- Title box appears in label edit for keyboard data entry
- Reset data grid evaluation to restore entry past point #2 for 1 set dimensions
- Chi-squared...degrees of freedom=6...%=90...changed 1.064 to 10.64
- Can now enter negative mu for normal distribution Risk/Optimum-Replacement
- Time gage and <ESC> enabled for all confidence methods
- Better terminology for probit and Kaplan-Meier selections
- Paste from external spreadsheet ignores commas in number format
- Added double column ASCII output to distribution analysis
- Batch capability expanded
- Recalc for entry of all DOS format data files
- <F> and <1-F> occurrence display linked to zoom frozen entry
- All dialogue boxes now fully translatable
- Cannot inadvertently unload disclaimer screen
- Risk/Optimum-Replacement defaults to set #1 data and set#1 parameters

- Binomial confidence capability added back
- Very large quantity of failures and suspensions allowed in WeiBayes shift
- Reporting improved
 - hardcopy/firmcopy/softcopy added for all analyses
- X-value readouts added for plot parameter box (like B-values option)
- Data list to ASCII file can be sequential or in column format
- Added common dialogue box for printer activation and printer selection
- Changed default button on opening screen to exit button
- Added prompt to save unstored active results if any before exiting
- Added +... button on main screen to access other programs

1.0J     - 1996/3/25
- Added Undo function for data grid edit
- Added Nelsons WeiBayes confidence with failures
- Allow larger numbers in frequency table
- Changed Delete to Clear for New...Reset
- Clarified number of sample sets entry
- Risk and Optimum Replacement file output now in order sequence
- Sample to file no longer ordered for non-interval data
- Menu entries highlighted (and shown in message box if message box is big)
- Additional checking of correct integer values for grid properties

1.0I      - 1996/3/13
- Pull-down menu structure improved
- Bias terminology for mle clarified

1.0H    - 1996/3/12
- Batch access with filename after program .exe name
- Reinstated robust plot calculation
- Automatic plot title for ASCII import
- Pull-down menu structure
- Only line selection of fit line captures method (rr/mle)

- Added dimension doubler in Setup for more point capability
- Added set labels in data grid
- Results from last session (not reset) are retrieved in Data/Get from file
- Extra grid column available by scrolling (if within dimensions) for easier set addition
- Changed wording from % FF to % with FF in Calculator/set-compare
- Message for Weibull/Lognormal distribution analysis when negative = <0
- Clarified wording in distribution analysis (removed optimum for 3 parameter solution)
- Added underline in risk/optimum-replacement to clarify grouping of results

- Automatic tracking of correlation coefficient for set deletion
- Filenames for results activation changed to prevent duplication
- Added R...reset to previous results menu

- Improved t0 find best routine for values close to maximum
- Reduced extra space in hardcopy/softcopy
- Correlation values cleared upon entry of DOS file
- Moved plot output color on/off from hardcopy/softcopy to plot/report/table

- Dashed box does not move in menus

- Improved mle (Lower Bias) message
- Improved risk interval display table
- Improved interval Demo/Sample

- Improved data edit when entry started below first cellt

- No revision
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