Weibull Analysis:
New Methods for Life Data Analysis
A Management Overview
Plus A Training Film On CD

New Methods for Life Data Analysis-A Management Overview- Seven case studies show the latest methods and applications in a PowerPoint™ presentation.  The presentation emphasizes the benefits of Weibull analysis.  The PowerPoint slide show is designed for group presentations to managers and engineers.  The package also includes how-to-do-the-case-studies, step-by-step, in a Word™ document.  This material compliments the Weibull training video so they are packaged together on one CD for $98.00 plus shipping and handling charges (shipping costs are US$30 for continental USA, and US$50 for most international locations)—not a bad price for this new CD which contains:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation for management about how to extract factual business decisions from data by performing a life data analysis.
  2. A Word document contains tutorial information about Weibull analysis for engineers who will conduct the PowerPoint presentation.
  3. A Weibull analysis training film describing how to analyze life data.


Seven case studies are described in the PowerPoint presentation and the Word document provides coaching notes for the presenter of the slides:

  1. Forecasting future failures-
    Using a set of life data from warranty failures management wants to know how many futures failures to expect, when failures will occur, what warranty costs to expect, and what corrective action they should support.
  2. Minimizing R&D testing-
    Using a small set of mixed failure mode data, forecast how many failures will be uncovered, when will we meet the contractual reliability requirement, and just how good is the current configuration.
  3. Forecast warranty claims-
    By age and calendar time, predict claims expected in the next 36 months and how many mixed failure mode claims expected next month.
  4. Substantiation and reliability testing-
    The issue is to demonstrate a specified reliability at a specified confidence for a set length testing time.  Also we want to verify the new design is 2X better than the old design to avoid contentious contractual arguments.
  5. Accelerated testing to reduce costs-
    Using higher testing temperatures and shorter tests times we want to forecast actual life at the lower operating temperatures.
  6. Is the new design better than our competitors-
    Can we prove with our test results used for sales presentations by our marketing department that out design is better than our competitors?
  7. Which distribution best fits the data we have recorded-
    Can we answer the never ending question about which mathematical technique best describes our recorded data and the question is answer with cable failure data.


Kevin E. Bauman PE, CRE, Global Reliability Engineering Discipline Team Leader, Dow Chemical, wrote, “I received the CD and reviewed it.  This is an excellent tutorial for our Weibull students.  It is definitely worth sharing.  Once I started, I was hooked and went through all the presentations (video, PowerPoint presentation, and Word coaching notes).”


New Methods for Life Data Analysis will be of particular interest to managers for saving time/money, six-sigma black belts for handling skewed data, engineers for making sense out of what appears to be nonsense failure data, warranty analysts for predicting future events from history records, test engineers for minimizing tests costs while maximizing credibility, and reliability, maintainability, and support (RMS) personnel for applying scientific results to develop improvement program strategies.

In the mid 1980’s the training film was produced on how to perform a Weibull Analysis.  This CD of the training film shows how to make Weibull plots by hand using a reference to the first edition of The New Weibull Handbook.  Of course many improvements in Weibull analysis have occurred in the last 15-20 years.  The New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy is now in the 5th edition and by use of WinSMITH Weibull software construction of Weibull plots are now very easy. 

You can also download a taste of a complete home study kit:
  You can download demonstration versions of the software (the demo versions will randomize your input data slightly). 
  You can also download the first chapter of The New Weibull Handbook.
  Also available for download is a short PDF file that shows excerpts from the Basic Weibull/Visual Software Training Manual.   This PDF literally shows you how to make Weibull plots and Crow-AMSAA reliability growth plots. 
This download information will help you with decisions about the software and how you interpret a Weibull plot.

You can order the New Methods CD by email or by sending a purchase order to Paul Barringer at Barringer & Associates, Inc.

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