Paul Barringerís Squamous Skin Cancer Saga.

Two years ago I had a squamous skin cancer removed from my left cheek using the Mohs technique.Itís the 2nd most common type of skin cancer that sits on the outside layer of skin.The Mohs surgery technique of removal requires the surgeon to peel away the suspected cells and the lab to verify to verify the layer of cells below the surface are free of the contaminantóall this is done while youíre awake.Squamous cells grow slowly and usually do not spread or metastasize.My squamous problem was an exception to spread or metastasize.Removal of the squamous cells took about 1.5 hours and required three passes at removing the bad cells.I returned to work with no lost time in 2014.

About one year after the Mohs surgery a lymph gland on the left hand side of my face trapped a stray piece of the former cancer in my Parotid gland.The Parotid gland makes saliva.Removal of the parotid gland took 3 hours and resulted in the loss of a good portion of the Parotid gland.I returned to work with no lost time.This was in the spring of 2015.After removal of the polluted Parotid gland were 33 zaps of radiation on a 5-axis numerically controlled radiation source in the summer of 2015.After the first 15 zaps the effects did not result in significant deterioration of performance.The last 17 zaps caused significant detractions from my physical performance and I missed my annual vacation to the beauty and cool weather of northern Maine in August of 2015 while I sweated out hot and humid Texas weather.My work continued in 2015 without loss of time.

In 2016 until the late part of November 2016 my work continued but with accelerated deterioration particularly during the latter part of November when the Squamous decided to move with speed from my left jaw toward my right hip (contrary to the usual placid performance).I went from a speedy walking pace in 2015 to a slower walking pace in early 2016 followed by an even slower walking pace in later 2016, followed by use of a cane in November 2016 followed by use of a walker as mid-November 2016 wraps up.Now the hip joint on the right hand side protests violently whether Iím sitting down, standing up, walking, or sleeping.

In the month of November and approaching December 2016 Iíve met more doctors and nurses than Iíve met in my previous 80 years of existence.Iíve had more CAT scans and varieties of CAT scans than I thought possible including yesterdayís 2.75 hour duration of a CAT scan for identifying where the cancer is now and preparing for more radiation therapy to disconnect nerves from my spine on the right hand side to isolate the pain while the docs allow my body to consume the cancer via steroid action along with two new drugs approved by the Feds for use in the last 2 weeks.So now I become a guinea pig for new techniques.Pain levels have been up to 8.5 (on a scale of 10)óat 9.0+ you scream!

Iím suspending my work actives for the next few months until this problem gets solved or I become a hard statistic.It can go either way.Adding insult to injury, the Docs have stopped my consumption of alcoholóJack Daniels Distillery will soon be calling me to find why the decrease in Houston, Texas.This is going to be embarrassing!†††††

Contact Wes Fulton (author of SuperSMITH software) for software, The New Weibull Handbook, Playtime for SuperSMITH or problem solutions at 1-310-548-6358 Phone/FAX or Wes33@pacbell.netor .Hopefully, Iíll be back on line and in action in a few months.†††† 11/26/16