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Hyperlinks To Other Reliability Sites

Abernethy site for Weibull analysis by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy, the worlds leading Weibull analysis expert.

MIMOSA the open alliance for acquisition of machinery data

Acronym decoder for many reliability terms

MRO Today magazine with search capabilities for good practice articles concerning maintenance and repairs plus hyperlinks to other sources.

AIAA recommended practices for software reliability ANSI/AIAA R-013-1992 (76 pages),
ISBN: 1-56347-024-1.

National Board Of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors with incident reports and 10 years of failure data.  In 10 years 720 people were injured + 127 people killed by pressure vessel failures (83% due to human error/lack of knowledge).

AIChE guidance for layers of protections and guidelines for preventing human error in process safety systems and guidelines for chemical process quantitative risk analysis

New Standard Institute for maintenance training needs and e-learning

Apollo root cause analysis

North American Electric Reliability Council Regional Committees 

API standards, publications, and recommended practices for safe/reliable operation in petroleum areas

NASA Preferred Reliability and Maintainability Practices with Lessons Learned

ASQ’s certified reliability program and the Reliability Division publisher of Reliability Review

NASA Systems Engineering “Toolbox” for Design-Oriented Engineers NASA Reference Publication 1358 contains numerous reliability tools (306 pages).  Other tools are available from NASA’s Risk Management web page including Fault Trees, etc.

Assist-Online a no cost source of reliability documents from the InternetYou can download MIL documents directly from Quick Search.

NASA Systems Engineering Fundamentals describing reliability, life cycle costs, and other big picture requirements (222 pages), also consider NASA’s Systems Engineering Handbook SP-610S June 1995 (164 pages)

Availability-Modeling tools, papers, and links from Dr. Kishor Trivedi, Duke University.

NASA R&M program.  NASA Risk Management site.

Bi-Cycle is a maintenance improvement work process group with a number of good papers and reference books listed on their website

NASA RAM Steering Committee on preferred reliability practices for design and test

Bell Canada Software Reliability Laboratory

NASA Safety and Risk Assessment Division for other reliability information

BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd. Reliability software for modeling

NASA Kennedy Space Center’s R&M web page, an eclectic collection of links provided by Tim C. Adams, Reliability Engineer in KSC’s Engineering Directorate.

Heinz P. Bloch, P.E. Reliability articles for Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine and consider the new CD with all previous reliability articles.(search for Author / Bloch to find the hyperlink to the CD). 

NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Technology Administration, accurate time, Statistics handbook and Chapter 8 for Reliability.

CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center at the University of Maryland—CALCD=Computer-Aided Life Cycle Engineering

NTIS U.S. Dept of Commerce source of Gov’t documents on reliability and maintainability

Center for Risk and Reliability Engineering supported by the University of Maryland

Nuclear & space radiation data reliability data for semiconductors

Department of Energy Technical Standards Program directed toward nuclear standards particularly in support of The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO)—also read Hostages of Each Other to see INPOs impact.  Also see Quality Assurance Library for lessons learned libraries, using the search feature for “lessons learned” to access many different subjects.

Plant Maintenance Resource Center, Sandy Dunn’s extensive website from Australia with details and references for maintenance professionals.

DoD Information Centers for Scientific Data with links to other sites

Office Of Naval Research Best Manufacturing Practices For Electronic Products

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Reliability Programs

OPS A La Carte technical documents and webinars for download as PDF files--particularly on HALT, HASS, and ALT.

Ethic Issues plus other links to engineering societies for registered professional engineers in Texas.  Ethics policy (P-15.7) for ASME International along with a criteria

 for interpretation for the ASME Canons.  Other details are available at the ASME Ethics Center with hyperlinks to other ethics sites.  Case Western Reserve University has an Online Ethics Center with many case studies

O’Connor, Patrick D. T., author of Practical Reliability Engineering 5th Edition ISBN 978-0-470-97981-5 and other text books.

FAA Safety Data and Flight Information

RAMS (The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium) 2016 Conference —Tucson, AZ,  January 25-28, 2016 with an emphasis on “R&M: Critical to Success in a Technology Reliant World”.  The RAMS tutorials are excellent.  The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 15, 2015.

FAA Risk Analysis Correspondence Course, by Ann Azevedo, Risk Analysis Specialist.

Raptor Monte Carlo modeling software for reliability block diagrams.  Software is available for download. Also for more details visit this site.

Fitness For Service information and resources

RealityCharting the eLearning root cause analysis software program

Fulton Findings software solutions for reliability problems including SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual software. Also Weibull and lognormal workshops and course schedules.

Reliability Direct E-commerce solutions for conditioning monitoring

GIDEP homepage the source for failure data from Government and Industry

Reliability Magazine reliability trade journal with hyperlinks to other reliability resources

Global Engineering Documents search engine for purchase of reliability documents

Reliability Software Technologies for software testing and reliability

Hobbs Engineering for accelerated test Webinars and HALT/HASS testing

Reliability Web dot Com a reliability site for a variety of practical resources with hyperlinks for members.

ISA standards for safety instrumented systems for process safety

Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals with links to other organizations for R&M plus details of their certification for CMRP of Maintenance and Reliability practioneers

Logistics Society for reliability issues

System Effectiveness Associates for HALT testing, and FMECA analysis

Maintenance & Reliability Center of the University of Tennessee

System Reliability Center, formerly known as the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), for government and business information with copies of the SRC Journal available for download.

Maintenance Journal from Australia available in electronic version.

Titan RAM modeling software by Fidelis-Group with tankage.

Maintenance Technology Magazine the magazine for plant equipment reliability, maintenance, and asset management

U.S. Army training manuals for maintenance and reliability.  Also see TM 5-698- 1 thru 6.

Meridium enterprise-wide query software for reliability analysis of large volumes of data—bolts on to SAP, and other CIMM software.

U.S. Department of Transportation for Pipeline Safety

Actuarial Tables of USA Human Life see Table 1-5 for Individual Retirement Arrangements life expectancy tables see Publication 590  (Appendix A) as PDF files.

Fun site for human life

     Minimum IRA Distributions-(years)

     How long will I live? (40 questions)

     Living to 100 (40 questions)

     The Longevity Game (How long you have

          lived is one of the best predictors of how
          long you may live.)
     Life expectancy calculator


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