The Complete Weibull Analysis Home Study Kit

The complete home study kit helps develop novice life data analyst into an expert for solving problems using Weibull analysis.  It is a reasonable alternative for those who cannot attend a Weibull Analysis seminar.  The complete home study kit consists of:

1)  The New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy
SuperSMITH Weibull software written by Fulton Findings for making probability plots
SuperSMITH Visual software by Fulton Findings for making reliability growth plots
Basic Weibull/Visual Software Training Manual for those who need more details for using the software and who, by necessity, must learn on their own at a slower pace.
New Methods For Life Data Analysis CD .  The CD includes a US Air Force training video which explains how to perform a Weibull analysis using several three different data sets.  A PowerPoint presentation is included to show Weibull analysis methods with 7 case studies of the new methods.  The PowerPoint presentation is aimed at a management audience.  A Word document is also included which contains tutorial information for the engineers who will conduct the PowerPoint presentation—these are coaching notes for the PowerPoint presentation.

The Weibull Analysis and Crow-AMSAA Analysis software operates in a 32-bit environment on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating environments.  Price list for the software also provide for volume discounts. 

The price for the complete home study kit is US$1050 + US$30 for domestic air-express shipments or US$40 (and up) for international shipments by air-express---so that makes the package cost US$1080 or US$1090 (depending upon destination shipping charges).  Home study kits are available from
  1.  Paul Barringer (credit cards, checks which conform to the American Banking Association system, or purchase orders) who will answer questions about the home study kit.
The home study kit can also be ordered by individual components at higher prices.

Download a taste of home study elements in the kit:
  You can download demonstration versions of the software (the demo versions will randomize your input data slightly). 
  You can also download the first chapter of The New Weibull Handbook.
  Also available for download is a short PDF file that shows excerpts from the Basic Weibull/Visual Software Training Manual.  This PDF literally shows you how to make Weibull probability plots and Crow-AMSAA reliability growth plots.. 
The download information will help you with decisions about the software and how you interpret a Weibull plot.

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Last revised 11/17/2014