EagleEYESM Service

For Important Problems.....

 Dr. Bob Abernethy has been studying Weibull-Log Normal plots for four decades. He can review your problem data quickly and provide expert comments, conclusions, and recommendations. This service may lead to significant improvements in a timely and cost effective manner. It is available to all workshop alumni.

If you have an important plot, reliability data set, Crow-AMSAA analysis, or Kaplan-Meier Survival analysis that you would like him to review and make comments, use the fast turnaround EagleEYESM Service.

Here's The Procedure:

1.      Phone Dr. Bob and describe your problem or data. (561) 842 4082 EST

2.      E-mail data to Dr. Bob as a WinSMITH Weibull file, WinSMITH Visual file or an Excel file.

3.      Dr. Bob will e-mail you the analysis results based on a maximum of two hours analysis time.

4.      Arrange for a call back time for reviewing the results with coaching comments.

5.      The fee is $1000 including a short written report--more if you want a long report, a more detailed analysis, or if the data must be entered by hand.

6.      Provide a purchase order or a check for handling the financial transactions (US currency only).

....If Dr. Bob is traveling, phone Wes Fulton who will coordinate the service. (310) 548 6458 PST

Barringer's Comments:
After you've alerted Dr. Bob about you needs by phone, Email your data to Dr. Bob Abernethy by
Description: C:\MSOFFICE\Word\Internet\mailbox.gifclicking here . If Dr. Bob is on the road with his Weibull Workshop, you can email your data to Wes Fulton by Description: C:\MSOFFICE\Word\Internet\mailbox.gifclicking here so that he can forward the data to Dr. Bob. Wes Fulton's website is located at http://www.weibullnews.com . Remember Dr. Bob's EagleEYE service is NOT FOR FREE--but it's cheaper and better than seeing your lawyer as you'll get advice/comments from the world's leading Weibull expert.

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Last revised 1/7/2011