Downloading/Uploading Files


What files are available for download from this website?

All files posted for Anonymous FTP download and most are self-extracting files when they have an EXE extension.  Download the files onto your hard drive (remember the file location of your downloads!).  Open the self-extracting files by double clicking from Windows Explorer (not from Internet Explorer).  The directory is Anonymous (Yes, with capital “A”) and the directory name is case sensitive.

   1. SuperSMITH software demonstration package for SuperSMITH Weibull probability software and SuperSMITH Visual Crow/AMSAA software demonstration files (downloads also available from Fulton Findings).  The demonstration software programs are described at for 32-bit Windows files

  2.  YBATH demonstration files are also included in the SuperSmith software download.


  3. Monte Carlo Simulations are described at :


  4. Raptor Monte Carlo block diagram modeling software is described at :

            SETUP.EXE no-cost software version 2.99 with help file—that’s the only reason to download this model!

            RAPTORBETA.EXE no-cost, no copy write, Air Force version 4.0S software (go to the RAPTOR website and request a better version from Booz Allen Hamilton)

  5. Life Cycle Cost Monte Carlo files for use in Excel® are described at :


  6. SuperSMITH Weibull authentic files for use with demo software are described at :


  7. Excel file for random failures as described in

  8. Data file used for technical paper “Process Reliability and Six-Sigma”:


  9. Ball bearing Weibull beta values data by Lieblein and Zelan from the PDF file  described in the April ‘01 problem of the month:

            Ball Bearing Data by Leiblein and Zelan.XLS


10. Life cycle cost spreadsheet for Excel which will make net present value calculations.


11. Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) Excel worksheet.  This FMEA worksheet provides a:
            1.  a FMEA template for general use,
            2.  a FMEA worked out example to decide important items to be inspected during a planned turnaround for a heat exchanger, and
            3.  a reading list for FMEA resources.

12.  Many of the Process Reliability papers listed under the Problems section are available for download and they are included in Section 8 of the Process Reliability training manual.



13. Random selection of items to inspect from a population, inspection tests to determine if you’re good enough to be an inspector, and binomial inspection statistics on the odds for accepting/rejecting a lot of material by sample inspection in an Excel worksheet..



If the files do not download directly, then you may need to make a FTP transfer of the files as described below.

FTP Setup examples-

            For WS_FTP software here are the setting you will need (these details will make a new entry log and will not over-write you other stored files).  Enter the data shown below and then click on “Connect”, select the file you want and click on the transfer button.

Profile Name:

Host Name/Address:

Host Type:


User ID:







Automatic detect


(use your email address)



ßSelect from pull-down menu


ßDO NOT check Anonymous box, and DO NOT add www


ßClick the box to save your password


ßNothing required—leave blank


ßNothing required—leave blank


            For Netscape Composer software, here are the settings you will need:

                        Click File, click Open Page to get the “Open Page” dialog box

               and then click on Open


            For CuteFTP I lack setup details—this is the FTP suggested by AT&T as workable.  Maybe you could send the specifics  for downloads to Paul Barringer. 


What is Anonymous FTP?

FTP is file transfer protocol.  Anonymous FTP allows users to download file by use of FTP software (called a client).  The process is simple. 


What are acceptable file names?

File names are case-sensitive (uppercase and lower case letters are different letters) and should not contain spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.  The underscore ( _ ) and hyphen ( - ) are OK to use.  You should avoid any other special characters.  We recommend that you use only lowercase names for your files and directories, to avoid confusion over case issues.


What can I use Anonymous FTP for?

Use Anonymous FTP to received download files from this website.  Use Anonymous FTP to upload files to the Incoming directory.  The Anonymous FTP allows sharing files with visitors and to receive incoming fiels from visitors.  Visitors will only be able to see the contents of the Anonymous folder and not the contents of the Incoming folder.


Can I view other uploaded files from others?

You can only upload files into the Incoming directory using Anonymous FTP.  You cannot view the contents of the Incoming directory.  You cannot transfer any files to any other directory on the website and no other directories are accessible.


I don’t have a FTP, where can I get one?

You can use Netscape® Communicator® Composer, Microsoft® FrontPage®, Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard, or an FTP client such as WS_FTP for Windows or FETCH (Mac® OS). 


WS_FTP has a good help file for getting started with FTP


If all else fails and you can’t make the FTP download work, then Email a request for attaching a file to a regular email.

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