Software DEMO Download

SuperSMITH(R) Weibull + SuperSMITH Visual + SuperSMITH Ybath(TM)


Free DEMO Software ---Take A Test Drive Before You Buy. You Can Convert Later to FULL Capability With Password.

<Link for Download at Bottom of This Page>


           If you don’t have authentic SuperSMITH Weibull (for probability plots) or SuperSMITH Visual (for reliability growth plots) software or SuperSMITH Ybath for mixture analysis:
                    1.  Download the DEMO installation files into the default C:\SMITHW subdirectory on your computer using the link at the bottom of this page.

                     2. Run the .EXE program to unzip the ZIPPED files.
                     3.  In the extracted files, double click on the SETUP file to install the software on your computer in the
C:\Program Files \SuperSMITH directory
                            (or if you are installing on a 64-bit operating system, the location will be
C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperSMITH.  I suggest you store your data files in another directory
                            for your data files
                     4.  Download authentic data files and store in the C:\SMITHDAT directory.  Use these authentic files into the appropriate software for authentic analysis results
                           — please note the demo program
will not randomize the data when importing authentic files, however for manually input data, the DEMO software will slightly randomize
                          the data until you purchase an electronic key to convert the demo program to full strength.
                     5.  Again, if you manually input
your data into the demo software it will slightly randomize the data so your analysis will not be accurate for your raw data input
                           —for authentic results you need to purchase the software as a CD or purchase an electronic key for converting the DEMO program to an authentic copy.
                     6. Software prices are shown at

           If you do have older versions of authentic SuperSMITH Weibull or SuperSMITH Visual software:
                     7.  Installation of the demo software will reinstall itself over the top of your existing software
unless you follow step 8 !
                     8.  Install the demo software into a different directory to prevent over-write of the authentic executable files.
                     9.  How can you tell if you’ve screwed up?  Open the program and if it says
DEMO in the upper left hand corner blue banner line, you’ve screwed up!

      If you have an older version of SuperSMITH demo and want to upgrade to the current version of SuperSMITH demo you need to do the following
               10. In Windows XP and lower, go to the Control Panel to use Add/Remove and highlight SuperSMITH to uninstall the older version of SuperSMITH
               11. In higher versions of Windows, go to the Control Panel to use Programs and Features to highlight SuperSMITH to uninstall the older version of SuperSMITH

  University professors often use the Demo software installed on the students computer (at no charge to the student) for computer analysis of reliability problems: 
12. The professor supplies an authentic file to the students. 
               13. The student opens the authentic file to get the designated answer which will then have authentic results.

SuperSMITH Weibull
is a probability plotting software for Weibull, log-normal, normal, and extreme value distributions plus other calculations.

SuperSMITH Visual is a scientific plotting software also makes Crow/AMSAA reliability growth plots.

SuperSMITH YBATH software is bundled for handling complicated mixtures of data, however, you should have at least 50 data points for the most complex analysis to obtain accurate results.