Blacksmith’s Anvil

Barringer & Associates, Inc. are reliability consultants with extensive manufacturing, engineering, and reliability experience. 

The following one-page articles are intended to provide you with insight into issues concerning our experience.

You can read the articles or download them as simple PDF files.
            Accuracy and PrecisionTwo different terms mean two different things and manufacturing must understand them.
            ConformanceWhy is this manufacturing’s requirement?   
            Good Manufacturing PracticesWhy it is important to establish a GMP for manufacturing.
            Hidden Factories—Definition of a hidden factory and how to destroy this stealth mode profit robber.
            QualityWhat is quality and grade?
            Pareto Principle—Build your Pareto distributions based on money and attack the vital few problems which are killing your profitability.
            Seven Deadly Sins—Typical management errors that sink the ship, demotivate employees, submarine employee empowerment and suffocate employee enablement.


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Last revised January 11, 2009