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 Barringer & Associates, Inc. are reliability consultants solving reliability problems for industry using engineering, manufacturing, and business expertise as we train you in how to solve and implement improvement programs.We specialize in solving reliability problems for profit oriented, capital intensive, and continuous process operations.Through our network of reliability experts, we get cost effective engineers assigned to solve your reliability problems efficiently and cost effectively. We want to quickly help you solve problemsówe do not plan to move-in and live with you as a semi-permanent part of your staff.

Our training course in Reliability Engineering Principles teaches engineers how to use equipment failure data to reduce the high cost of unreliability. Failure data drive reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) programs and support total productive maintenance (TPM) efforts.

Our training course in Life-Cycle-Cost brings together reliability models, cost details, installation practices, operating practices, and failure data for making good business decisions. The training course uses Monte Carlo simulations in an Excel spreadsheet to simulate failures expected each year and shows how to cost the results over the life of the equipment or project.

Our training course in Process Reliability teaches engineers how to study their processes, determine reliability of the process, and categorize the losses for a top-down view for identifying problems using new reliability tools.

Our training course in SuperSMITH Weibull/Visual teaches engineers how to use a commercially available software package which is helpful for rapidly solving complex reliability problems by way of a computer assist.This software is used by government organizations such as NASA, FAA, FDA, major chemical companies, major refining companies, major primary metals companies, major mining companies, major water companies, and major semiconductor companies.

We have provided training in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, The Middle East, and Asia.
††††† Over 6000 engineers have received training in the Reliability Engineering Principles course in the basic training class for reliability.
†††† Over 2000 engineers have received training in Life-Cycle-Cost program integrates business decisions into engineering failure details to show how equipment and projects are managed for the lowest long-term cost of ownership.
††††† Over 1500 engineers have been trained in Process Reliability to find the hidden factory along with assessment of the reliability of the process.
††††† Over 1500 engineers have been trained in SuperSMITH Weibull/Visual software used for solving reliability problems.

All of these practical courses use software to solve statistical problems while we concentrate our training efforts on how to use data, and reliability engineering tools cost effectively.†† Also our software uses Weibull statistics in Monte Carlo models for cost effective business solutions for reliability and availability problems.

We sell Fulton Findings software for Weibull analysis of failure data and we use this software to build Weibull-databases from failure data.

We are located in Humble, Texas which is a suburb of Houston, Texas, USA.Out telephone number is 1-281-852-6810.

Schedules are maintained on the Internet.Price lists for courses and consulting rates are also maintained on the Internet..Many worked-out examples for solving reliability issues are available on the Internet along with many technical papers which are available for download as PDF files.Other reliability resources are available for download as required.

Barringer & Associates was founded in 1993 and incorporated in the State of Texas, USA on Februay 24, 1995 with Charter Number 13469174.

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