WeibullNewsô, published by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy and Wes Fulton, is a periodic newsletter concerning Weibull analysis.The newsletter provides the latest information regarding life data analysis technology for reliability data.The highlights include new events and activities concerning Weibull analysis and related techniques.You can download back issues of WeibullNEWS as PDF files.

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Issue 18, Spring 2004: Key words- Weibull Users Conference, failure detection, six sigma, Weibull Workshop, Log normal Workshop, improvements in WinSMITH Weibull and WinSMITH Visual, Crow-AMSAA, C-A, IEC 61710, Crow-AMSAA plots, when to use Weibull data, when to use Crow-AMSAA data, historical Weibull documents, A Statistical Theory Of The Strength Of Materials, Gossett,

Issue 17, Summer 2003: Key words- Accelerated testing, Crow/AMSAA prediction of future failures, Dr. Bob replies to E-mail questions, MLE, new methods for life data analysis-a management overview, process reliability, RBA, small samples, step-stress testing, warranty forecasting, Weibull analysis best practices flow chart, Weibull, Weibull library


Issue 16, Winter 2001:Key words- 3D likelihood surface, accelerated testing, Crow/AMSAA, Crow/AMSAA critical correlation coefficient, extreme value type 1 (Gumbel), extreme value type 3 (Weibull), failure forecasting, Gumbel lower, Gumbel upper, Kaplan-Meier, MLE-RBA, pivotal confidence (pv), warranty claims forecasting, Vasan-Fulton former usage ration (ratio between laboratory test time and the equivalent actual in-service usage time), WeiBayes, Weibull


Issue 15, Summer 1999:Key words-Aggregated cumulated hazard function (ACH), AMSAA model, batch effects, batch automated processing, Crow-AMSAA, failure forecast, language icon, parameter as function of engineering variable (PFEV), probabilistic S/N curve, process reliability, WeiBayes, Weibull


Issue 14, Spring 1999:Key words-Accelerated testing, ACH, C4 factor, design comparison, maximum likelihood estimates, median rank regression, production process reliability, RBA factor, reduced bias adjustment (RBA) factor, risk analysis, Studentís t, test requirements, Weibull


Issue 13, Fall 1998:Key words-Accelerated testing, batch problems, Crow-AMSAA, MLE, failure forecasting, Kaplan-Meier, languages, mixture analysis, regression X on Y versus Y on X, Monte Carlo confidence bounds, pivotal confidence intervals, warranty analysis, Weibull


Issue 12, Fall 1997:Key words-Accelerated test, BiWeibull, confidence limits, CDF (cumulative distribution function), Duane-AMSAA, goodness of fit, Hazenís rank, P value, Johnsonís Beta-Binomial, Kaplan-Meier, Lawlessís Likelihood Ratio, mixtures, mean rank, median rank, Monte Carlo, MTBF, Nelsonís Fisherís Incomplete Matrix, PDF (probability density function), renewal, TriWeibull, warranty data, Weibull


Issue 11, Winter 1996:Key words-B10, Benardís plotting position, beta-binomial median ranks plotting position, CDF, confidence bounds, Duane-AMSAA plots, mean rank plotting position, Nelsonís plotting positions, PDF, Weibull


Issue 10, Spring 1996:Key words-B life method, confidence bounds, likelihood ratio (LR), Weibayes methods, likelihood contour plots, significant differences, Weibull


Issue 9, Fall 1995:Key words-Critical correlation coefficient, data sets different?, goodness of fit, Kaplan-Meir, Monte Carlo, MLE, p-values, regression, substantiation tests, Weibull


Issue 8, Fall 1994:Key words-Confidence intervals, Fisher matrix, Greenwoodís estimate, Kaplan-Meier, MLE, survival function, suspensions, warranty data, Weibull


Issue 7, Fall 1993:Key words-CDF, confidence methods, goodness of fit, optimal replacement, PDF, sudden death, test methods, test plans, failure forecast, risk forecast, renewal, three parameter Weibull, Weibayes,Weibull


Issue 6, Summer 1992:Key words-Calibration intervals, confidence bounds, confidence intervals, distributional analysis, likelihood function, likelihood ratio, median estimates, Monte Carlo, three parameter correction (t0), WeiBayes, Weibull, Weibull risk,


Issue 5, Fall 1991:Key words-Assurance index, confidence, critical correlation coefficient, Fisherís incomplete matrix, goodness of fit, likelihood ratio, log-normal, Monte Carlo, suspensions, Weibull


Issue 4, Spring 1991:Key words- Binomial, Duane-AMSAA, inspection data, Monte Carlo simulation, probit, risk analysis, Weibull


Issue 3, Summer 1990:Key words-Log normal, Weibull


Issue 2, Spring 1989:Key words-Binomial reliability, correlation coefficient, inspection, log normal, Weibull,


Issue 1, Summer 1989:Key words-Binomial confidence, central limit, confidence limits, Duane-AMSAA, exponential, Monte Carlo, reliability growth, test plans, Weibull



Last revised: February 15, 2004